Ways to Improve Employee Safety With Cybersecurity Technology

Technology has become a crucial part of virtually every business environment. The right tools from cloud-based software to innovative hardware have an impact on virtually every industry and role. Today’s teams are using tech for everything from communication and collaboration, to tracking business insights and delivering customer service. However, technology doesn’t just have a positive impact on business performance with productivity and efficiency enhancements. The right tools can also help you to create a safer, more compliant workplace, where risks and threats are minimized. Here are just some of the ways you can use technology to create a safer workplace for your employees, minimizing downtime and staff turnover at the same time.


Upgrade Your Tools

For many businesses, cybersecurity threats represent some of the biggest challenges in the modern world. As companies continue to move more of their operations online, criminals are creating more sophisticated strategies to steal data and assets from digital platforms. As issues like ransomware, malware, and phishing become more common, businesses need a more advanced strategy to protect themselves from the latest threats. Fortunately, innovative tools to help you optimize your internet security are emerging in the security landscape. Many modern tools come with end-to-end encryption and security features like multi-factor authentication already built in. Plus, there are AI solutions that can secure access to crucial tools and resources using biometric authentication. Companies can even take advantage of tools like the blockchain to protect valuable data and minimize the risk of lost assets.


Use IoT and Sensors for Instant Insights

The Internet of Things is growing at an incredible rate. Experts predict there are more than 29 billion connected devices worldwide today. Many of these devices are utilized in business environments. IoT solutions can provide real-time data into everything from floor traffic in your warehouse, to the air quality of your meeting rooms and office spaces. The right sensors can help you to detect potential risks instantly, by showing you when a machine is about to overheat or suffer an outage. They can even reduce the risk of unnecessary downtime, by helping employees to perform proactive maintenance before dangerous issues occur.


Leverage Innovative Fleet Management Tools

If your company has its own fleet, your vehicles will be essential to the productivity and performance of your team. However, they can also be the source of numerous risks. A comprehensive fleet management solution will help provide you with the insights you need to defend not just your assets, but your employees too. ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices) don’t just provide a way for companies to compliantly log driving hours and hours of service. They can also help monitor employee safety on the roads, implement strategies to improve efficiency, and minimize operational costs. You can learn more about how ELD solutions benefit businesses with this comprehensive guide.


Collect Feedback with Automated Tools

To create a safe working environment, business leaders need to be aware of all the threats their employees face daily. While a comprehensive risk analysis can help with this, gathering feedback and insights from your team can give you a more comprehensive view of your landscape. Automated survey and employee feedback tools can be an excellent way for business leaders to keep their finger on the pulse of their team’s work experience. They can offer insights into the common challenges employees face. Plus, they give team members a way to anonymously share suggestions on how business leaders can mitigate threats and improve the working environment.


Access AI for Automated Monitoring and Insights

Finally, one of the biggest challenges companies face in today’s threat landscape is maintaining complete visibility into their operations and the potential threats imposed by malicious actors. Fortunately, technology can help to reduce the amount of effort companies need to put into manually monitoring different ecosystems for signs of threats. Automated tools, combined with artificial intelligence can rapidly monitor networks and applications for signs of suspicious activity. They can rapidly alert business leaders when threats are detected, and some can even implement security measures at the touch of a button, such as blocking bots from accessing a server, or placing specific IP addresses on a blacklist.


Keep Your Business Safe With the Right Technology

While the digital transformation of the modern world has led to a range of new threats for businesses to address, the rise of new technology can also help to defend companies from common risks. The examples above are just some of the ways businesses can leverage innovative tools to protect their teams, customers, and business landscape from evolving risks.

Make sure you’re investing in the right solutions to defend your growing business.