Historically, certain supposed ‘luxuries’ of doing business have gradually turned more into essentials as the corporate landscape has changed. Good examples include having a business website and accepting credit cards or debit cards for payment.

Technological advances are one major reason behind such shifts in priorities — and this naturally raises the question of what forms of tech your business ought to prioritise sourcing for its office (or, potentially, string of offices). Well, here are just five tech solutions deemed essential in 2022…

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Email marketing is something that takes practice, and you can fall into any number of traps without realizing it that will send your sender reputation plummeting and your emails straight into the spam folder. While you can spend your time learning the ins and outs of email marketing to know exactly what to do, it’s much easier to let an email marketing platform do it for you. However, there are plenty of ways that hackers can take advantage of these platforms, so watch out when you’re starting a campaign! It might be your undoing.

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Business enterprises can’t afford to ignore business security. The costs associated with data breaches are skyrocketing. Still, a significant number of SMEs aren’t taking even the basic steps to secure their systems and information database. Even worse, some business owners still underestimate the cost of a data breach and assume it won’t happen to them.

But if you’re serious about company growth and securing your data, here are the top must-know ways to improve business security:

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Security in the cyber environment is an issue that is increasingly gaining prominence within companies. Due to the myriad vulnerabilities that can be found in IT environments, it is important to assess which solutions are best for you when it comes to protecting sensitive data.

Mimicking techniques hackers use is an essential tactic for good security posture management. Red teaming satisfies this need, performing an active search for security vulnerabilities across the enterprise’s IT environment. In this article, we will dig into what continuous red teaming is and find out the top 3 services for continuous automated red teaming!

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AWS is the most used cloud platform on the planet. It offers a wide range of solutions and services such as cloud computing, relational database, simple storage solutions, and the list goes on. Organizations use these services to fulfil their IT needs and run their businesses online. However, hackers have always tried to disrupt these services and tried to hack into the network of these worldwide organizations. To prevent hacking attempts and network compromise scenarios, organizations perform periodic security audits of their AWS environments. This makes sure their assets running on AWS are safe and secure. In this post, I will explain what AWS security audit is, why you need one and how to get started with it. So, let’s get started!

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The internet has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. It now allows us to connect with family and friends, shop conveniently and even play casino games online. Today, as per example, it is easy to search on Google a secure online casino in Ireland  and find vendors that let you play games and bet on sports while at home.

However, with these positives, still there are some negatives. Submitting your personal data when shopping or playing online can be dangerous especially if hackers get access to this data. The following simple tips will help you to ward off any cybersecurity threats when online.

1. Get an Anti-Virus & Firewall

One of the most effective ways of boosting your cybersecurity is by using Anti-virus protection software. An Anti-virus will help in fighting malicious attacks and blocking malware and other viruses from getting to your device to compromise your data. However, always procure and use such software from reputable vendors.

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With data security breaches on the rise, it begs the question. Should healthcare providers prioritize cybersecurity training alongside HIPAA privacy and security?  

We are living in an era where privacy or safety of information online cannot always be guaranteed. Healthcare entities have suffered enormous losses from data breaches in 2020. And most of the reported data breaches account for cybersecurity-related incidents. 

In fact, from January 2020 to November 2020, 79% of breaches reported in healthcare have been linked to cybersecurity. And the volume of cyberattacks has increased from November 2020 to January 2021 by 45%. It is an alarming concern for healthcare professionals.

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It is extremely common for business websites to use web applications. However, when these applications contain vulnerabilities they can be exploited by hackers. This makes it essential that companies start taking web application security more seriously. 

There are countless examples of poor web application security that have led to extremely serious data breaches and the loss of significant amounts of money. The well-publicised data breach at Equifax was caused by a failure to patch a flaw in a web application – this ended up costing the business in excess of $1.38billion.  

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the way that businesses operate. Whether it’s on the factory floor or in back-end IT, automated services and machines are increasing speed and productivity all while freeing up workers to focus on tasks which require a totally different set of skills.

Alongside this, we are seeing the role of AI in cyber security increase as well as the number of artificial intelligence security tools being used too. This is all because AI is trained to learn, develop and grow using the data it is provided with. Essentially, an AI system is constantly in a state of change and improvement. In an environment where hackers and security threats are everywhere and constantly looking for a way into a system, protecting company data has never had such a high priority. With this in mind, it’s important to understand exactly what is AI in cyber security and just how is AI in security being implemented?    

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On my 1st week of the basic course in the Israeli army I was taught that in terms of information security there is no information item that is too negligible or too small to deal with.

The base location, the unit’s name, how big is my team – shall not be told.
There is no need to brag about the amazing projects we do
There is no reason to connect external media to computers

EVERYTHING about information security is important and must be afterthought.

That approach is based on the assumption, that a person who was educated from the very 1st moment not to disclose the name of the unit (barely the city it is located at) will be very minded and aware with information of real potential harm.

This is an excellent and well-proven attitude with regard to security, and I’d expect it to be a corner stone in mission critical cyber security organizations and industries such as: medical, energy, avionics and automotive.

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