CyberDB provides Investment and Fund Raising services for vendors for investments or M&A opportunities in the Cyber Industry

For your convenience, here are some definitions to Key elements in this article-

Cyber investment -  Cyber investment refers to any corporal or private investment to a company in the Cyber Security field.
Fund Raising - or, Fundraising is the process of seeking and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies
Cyber Merger and acquisitions (Cyber M&A) - Cyber M&A refers to any merger, acquisition, take over or consolidation of 2 Cyber Security companies or more via a transaction of some source. 
Start-up Finance - Start up Finance, or Start up Funding, is the practice of how to handle a companies capitol (money) and where should one find the best source of it. 
Investment Influencer - Investment Influencers are those who control the allocation of fund flows, respected by asset managers for the depth of their knowledge, the honesty of their views, their professionalism in analyzing and selecting funds, and the responsibility with which they manage clients' assets.
Start-Up Valuations - Start-Up Valuations is a tool employed by financial analysts to determine the value of a new business.
Israel cyber investment - As one of the leading countries to produce and export Start-Up companies, Israel Cyber Investments are highly popular among investors world wide.