Cyber Security Market Analysis & Research

Security market analysis & research. Reports on Fundraising, M&A and exits in the Global Cyber industry per month or quarter.

Exits and M&A transactions

Fund Raisings transactions

Trends in Cyber M&A in 2016
This study focuses on the period of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017 in which notable M&A events

Anti-Phishing Simulation and awareness market overview
Learn more on this emerging category: The definition of Phishing, Common targets/attackers & reasons people phish…

Application Security Testing market overview
Learn more on this emerging category: Manual vs. Automated Code Testing…

Deception technology market overview
Reviewing one of the most exciting technologies in the field- the Deception technology….

Investments and M&A in Israeli cyber industry market in 2016
Full list of M&A and fundraising that took place in Israeli cyber industry in 2016…

Automotive Cyber Security market overview
Learn more on this emerging category: Introduction to connected vehicles, major cyber-security issues in connected vehicles…

Automated Breach Simulation Market Report
What are breach and attack simulation technologies, security testing techniques, tools and service offering from emerging vendors, and market overview…

Security Orchestration, Automation & Response Facts & Emerging Vendors
Enterprises are striving to keep up with the current threat landscape with too many manual processes, while struggling with a lack of resources, skills and budgets…