When small businesses and startups start to scale, outsourcing their data processing and storage requirements is often the next step.

There are two high-potential candidates for data storage that can replace an expensive in-house server: colocation and cloud services.

While they appear to have similar functions at a glance, these two greatly differ in terms of features and benefits.

In this article, we’ll outline the main differences between colocation and cloud services so you can decide which one is best for your business needs.

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As the world evolves, so does cyber security. With emerging technologies like Kubernetes, there is a need to be aware of the risks involved with using these tools. If not managed properly, they can cause serious damage to your organization’s cyber security posture.

With recent incidents of data breaches and cyberattacks, companies have put more investments in cyber security solutions. In fact, the global cyber security market will reach $478.68 billion by 2030, experiencing a growth rate of 9.5% from 2021 to 2030.

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As a software developer, the compatibility of your web application is one of the most important aspects for you. This means all the browser-centric components of the web application must be functional on every browser available in the market. It also means that your application should also be accessible on all devices. All these factors are highly crucial for having a huge audience base for your company.

While developing a technological product, your primary goal should be to provide convenience, speed, and Novelty to your customers. So, to provide a Universal experience the application must be stable irrespective of the device, operating system or browser version. Developers use various testing techniques like an online device farm to achieve this goal.

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Cloud technology is one of the most popular and effective ways to store data and information. Businesses are moving to the cloud at an alarming rate. Although there are many benefits to this, such as scalability, easy access to the data, and automation, some risks also need to be considered. This is because hackers have developed sophisticated ways to exploit vulnerabilities in the cloud.

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Meta Description: Besides saving time and money, remote working boosts productivity. However, it has its own set of issues. Here we discuss 8 cyber security tips for employees.

It’s only been two years since the rise of the remote workplace, but firms and employees alike face new security dangers. When employees are dispersed across the globe, many of them work from home, this creates a lot of security risks.

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The best VPN programs are used by more users today compared to the past. Working remotely has become a routine for most of us, which naturally makes it more important than ever to protect your privacy and security online with a Virtual Private Network. But as the commercial VPN market continues to grow, finding the best VPN service to meet your specific needs can be a tough challenge.

By learning all the details of VPN services such as NordLayer enterprise VPN solutions, we have brought together the most useful and reliable sources of recommendations and alternatives for you.

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No matter which sector of society you’re involved with, for sure, technology has already invaded that space in your life. Nowadays, various organizations turn to a technology solution to streamline their operations.

Cloud technology enables organizations to store their data on remote servers. Anytime and anywhere, you can simply access these files and do your job. Such flexibility and scalability empower organizations to continue operating even when their members are miles apart. If you don’t have a cloud infrastructure yet, you can ask for Oracle cloud consulting pricing and other cloud servicing companies.

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Many businesses move their data to cloud storage each day. During cloud migration, some risks such as data loss or misconfiguration can occur, and both can lead to a data breach.

It’s essential to take security measures through all the phases of your migration to ensure that you overcome the challenges of cloud migration.

The outline below highlights some tips that can help secure data throughout the cloud migration:

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In the age of the internet, more organizations are slowly transferring their data to the cloud. It was not long ago when an employee had to carry a flash drive around in case they’d have to present a report. Although some employees still use a flash drive, it was more a backup solution than a necessity.

Smart offices have become clutter-free since management can approve requests and reports with a push of a button. However, seamless collaboration between colleagues can be a challenge due to slow adoption and a lack of technical know-how.

Communication can also be a factor in making collaboration challenging to organizations. Messages are ‘left on read’ because some employees don’t know how to reply. They may also be overwhelmed by the number of messages they receive every day. You won’t know if they’ve acknowledged it unless they respond or react to the message you sent.

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In the past, traditional web hosting services were the standard. However, as the internet and its associated technologies continue to change, it was only a matter of time before this would change. Today hosting companies have to combat content delivery networks or CDNs that are offered as an alternative solution.

Another thing that’s typical for the internet is that there are two sides with opposed opinions. It’s the same with web hosts and CDNs. Each side claims that their choice is better without considering the possible downsides.

Therefore, we’ve decided to put an end to this dispute and talk about the connection between these two and how they can work together.

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