Top Benefits of a Cloud Computing Security Solution

The global cloud computing market is set to reach $623.3 billion by 2023. The cloud is the ultimate tool in building highly scalable and flexible networks that can be set up in a flash. This offers a great opportunity for businesses looking to avoid high sunk costs in setting up infrastructure or, in phasing out legacy infrastructure components. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have realized the potential of cloud computing and have either already moved the whole or part of their operations to the cloud already or are in the process of migrating.

But the cloud is a shared resource and identity management, privacy and access control will always remain areas of concern for cloud-based businesses. Managing security for vulnerabilities throughout your operations network has become a top concern for businesses, especially in the wake of COVID-19, remote work and anywhere operations. As more and more people become dependent on the web for their daily work without being physically located in the protective womb of a physical business network, vulnerabilities have risen concomitantly with highly complex attacks, such as, DDoS (distributed denial of service) and Level 7 (application layer) attacks.

According to the 2020 Cloud Security Report by BitGlass, the surveyed IT and security professionals had the following perceived threat levels to the question of cloud security in their organizations: 

  • 33% admitted that they’re extremely concerned
  • 40% were very concerned
  • 20% were moderately concerned
  • Only 2% said they were not at all concerned

With businesses highly concerned about the security of their websites, application data, DDoS attacks and more, many are turning towards Managed Cloud Computing Solutions that incorporate security solutions provided by a reliable cloud-computing provider.

What is Cloud Computing Security?

Cloud security is a catchall term for the entire multiple level control-based technologies and policies that ensures that businesses adhere to global security standards and necessary compliances. It safeguards the sanctity of your business operations, infrastructure, applications, and provides protection against data loss, leakage, and theft. Cloud security applications work as software in the cloud on ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (SaaS) model and ensure continuity and protection for all your cloud-based assets.

Top Benefits of a Cloud Computing Security Solution

  • High Availability – Ensuring continuity is one of the primary reasons behind businesses looking for reliable cloud security solutions. The right cloud computing security solution should incorporate real-time support, 24*7*365 live monitoring of business assets and have redundancies built-in so your website and applications remain online and functional even in the case of an attack.
    With Cloud Service Providers, such as ActiveCo’s Cloud Services Vancouver, you can rest assured that your core business assets, such as website and applications will always remain functional globally.
  • Cloud DDoS Protection – Traditional network infrastructure work on the basis of origin and backup servers that can be easily disabled by DDoS attacks that are capable of generating up to 20Gbps of traffic. These attacks can take anywhere from hours to days to mitigate during which your services may be completely or partially affected and your business sustains severe financial and reputation loss.
    To ensure continuity of service, you need managed hosting providers and/or content delivery networks with DDoS absorption capabilities as well as real-time scanning to identify and prevent/ mitigate DDoS attacks. This is done through the CDN’s capability of making use of a global network of PoPs that can manage spikes in legitimate traffic and divert synthetic spikes from attacks on the network. This enables CDN’s to both bring downtime down to zero as well as enable security controls that feel intuitive.
  • Flexibility – The right cloud computing solution for your business ensures security irrespective of capacity. Whether you’re experiencing a surge in legitimate traffic or in the case of an attack, the solution should be able to provide you enough flexibility to avoid server crashes and avoid unnecessary costs during lean hours through up or downscaling.
  • Data Security – Ensuring the privacy and security of your business’ sensitive information and transactions is a top priority for your cloud computing security solution. It should be able to prevent third parties from eavesdropping or tampering with your data through the right security protocols, such as, Transport Layer Security (TLS) – the replacement to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Ecommerce sites are particularly vulnerable to data breaches and should take care to implement a CDN with PCI compliance and other relevant digital rights management layers.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Ecommerce businesses and financial institutions also face a greater degree of both industrial and governmental compliance and regulation checks. With the right CDN, you will be able to build a highly compliant infrastructure that is capable of always protecting your consumers’ data.
  • Round The Clock Support – Cloud Services Vancouver have a host of companies offering cloud security solutions. The right cloud security solution for your business, however, should be able to render downtimes to near zeros. It should be able to provide you with effective and time-sensitive customer support 24*7*365 any time of the day or night with live monitoring. In case of data loss, the service should at least be able to provide you with xerox copies of lost data.

Truly efficient cloud computing security solution should be able to equip businesses with the requisite availability, reliability, and security at a global scale and for a global customer base. The advanced software cybersecurity features can then be mixed with adequate physical infrastructure security to create a completely secure operating environment to ensure long-term business stability with minimal disruption to your services or downtimes.

About Sam Goh:

Sam Goh, President at ActiveCo Technology Management, an IT Support Vancouver company. Sam comes from an operational perspective, his tenure at ActiveCo emphasizes working with customers to closely understand their business plans and to successfully incorporate the technology component to those plans. Under his leadership, ActiveCo has developed expertise which focuses on enriching the extensive customer relationships by integrating strategic and operational focus areas through consulting. When Sam and his wife Candee aren’t running ActiveCo, they enjoy road trips with their 2 children. Faith, family, friends and philanthropy lie at the heart of Sam’s personal beliefs.