Why Excelling Companies Should Consider Hiring a Freelance Cyber Security Company?

78% of businesses are not confident about their cybersecurity posture. As per data from the National Cyber Security Alliance, 60% of small and medium-sized businesses close down within six months of a cyberattack. Businesses have realized the importance of cyber security, but the way companies are choosing to address their cyber security concerns has changed. 77% of businesses plan to outsource their cyber security needs within the next five years.

Due to recruiting and onboarding costs, more and more businesses are doing away with their in-house cybersecurity teams. Hiring a freelance cyber security company is becoming more popular, thanks to the cost-efficiency of the model. Building an in-house cybersecurity team means that companies need to spend on hiring full-time employees and other expenses, such as insurance and taxes. However, when businesses hire a cyber security company, they only need to pay for services agreed upon for the specific project.

Why should companies consider hiring a cyber security company?

Businesses that fall prey to cyberattacks risk losing the trust of their clients and their repeat business. It has, therefore, become critical for businesses to invest in cyber security.

Here is why hiring a freelance cyber security company is beneficial for your business:

It keeps your company safe from cyber attacks

The main task of a cyber security company is to protect your business from all types of cyberattacks. It is their responsibility to deploy various security solutions to keep your company safe from hackers and malware. Their services involve proactively updating your company’s defenses and monitoring activity on your network to protect your company from cybercriminals.

It identifies vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure

There could potentially be several vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure that could provide easy access to hackers into your systems. When you hire a cyber security company, they assess every part of your network for vulnerabilities. The company not only reports the findings to you but also develops an action plan to eliminate these vulnerabilities and fortify your network.

It can provide cyber security training to your employees

According to IBM, human errors cause 95% of all security breaches. Untrained employees could be your biggest vulnerability, putting your company at great risk. A cyber security company has the necessary expertise and resources to train your employees on cyber security best practices. By training your employees on cyber security habits and hygiene, you can minimize the risk of security breaches due to human error.

It can update your cyber security defenses

One of the services that a cyber security company provides is performing routine patch management on all devices in your network. Every piece of hardware in your network could house potential vulnerabilities in their operating systems. A cyber security company routinely patches these security holes, allowing IT teams to download and install these patches on various devices on the network.

The cyber security company is responsible for keeping these patches up-to-date, safeguarding your network against malware that could potentially exploit vulnerabilities.

It can identify and remedy cybersecurity issues

It is the job of a cyber security company to continually monitor your network, keeping track of any irregularities in your network. They also routinely scan for malware and viruses to prevent newer forms of malware from making their way into your systems. If the cyber security company detects any virus or malware, they will immediately clean it up, restoring your system to its working condition.

It helps your business remain compliant

As cyberattacks and security breaches have become more and more commonplace, governments have started holding businesses responsible for protecting consumer data. Almost all countries have some rules and regulations to protect consumer data and privacy. Businesses that do not comply with these rules and regulations may also incur hefty fines and penalties. For instance, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) introduced by the European Union aims to prevent security breaches and fight cybercrime by forcing companies to prepare for potential cyberattacks. Failing to meet GDPR statutes could levy serious penalties on the offending company.

A cyber security company will ensure that your business remains compliant with all such rules and regulations. They can also help shape your company policies around cyber security so that you meet all the compliance requirements.

It could be your own crisis response team

Despite numerous strategies and preventive measures, cyberattacks do happen. Even the largest corporations in the world are not immune to cyberattacks. However, the important thing is to know what to do in case of a cyberattack so that you can minimize losses and help your company quickly get back on its feet.

A cyber security company knows exactly what to do if an attack happens. If your company suffers a data breach, they can quickly take action and resolve the issue to minimize financial, legal, and reputational risks.



A cyber security company could be immensely beneficial for your business. By partnering with one, you can help your business grow by creating an environment where employees feel safe and ensure business continuity. A safe work environment is essential for keeping your reputation clean, ensuring business success in the long run.