Why Are Proxy Servers Important For Cybersecurity?

According to Statista, phishing and such frauds were the major cybercrimes in the United States in 2020. Such cybercrimes pose a threat to the cybersecurity of your device when you go online. Using residential proxies and other proxies is the best way to deal with cyberfrauds and cybersecurity issues.

Proxy servers play a vital role in enhancing the cybersecurity of internet-enabled devices. By masking the IP address of your device, they prevent data tracking from your device. Read on to know what a proxy server is and how proxies help enhance your cybersecurity.

Proxy Server: What It Is All About?

A proxy server is a virtual medium for internet traffic to and from an internet-enabled device. It acts as a conduit for routing data when you connect your device to the Internet. A proxy server provides anonymity to your surfing activities and substantially minimizes the chances of identity theft.


What Makes Proxy Servers Important For Cybersecurity?

There are many reasons why you should use proxies. The majority of them relate to cybersecurity. These benefits also define why proxies are important for cybersecurity.

From minimizing the threats of phishing emails to protecting devices from malware, here are some cogent reasons for using proxy servers.


1.    Proxy Servers Help Bypass the Risks of Phishing Emails

Cybercriminals use phishing emails to steal internet users’ login and financial information. They use messages and emails to trick users into revealing their confidential information. Sometimes cybercriminals also use phishing emails to send viruses.

You can prevent the damages due to phishing emails by using email proxies. The latter looks for harmful links or items in an email before reaching your inbox. This prevents you from opening a harmful email and the damages resulting from it. You can achieve this objective with finesse by using data center proxies.

Apart from helping you avoid a potential virus attack on your computer system, proxies can also help you prevent ransomware. You may have many reasons to invest in your company’s cybersecurity. To enhance the cybersecurity of your business organization, you can consider deploying proxies. This move will help you prevent ransomware.


2.    Proxy Servers Allow Users to Bypass DDoS

DDoS is the acronym for distributed denial of service. Under this kind of attack, an attacker tries to flood a server with internet traffic. They overwhelm the server of a website by bombarding it with requests. They do it to impact the normal functioning of a website.

One of the best ways by which you can prevent DDoS is by having a content delivery network (CDN) in place. A CDN has multiple proxy servers for storing the content of a website. It routes visitors’ requests for accessing a specific piece of the website content to the closest proxy. This way, it prevents the overloading or saturation of a server with several requests.

Thus, using a CDN is one of the best ways to protect against DDoS attacks on critical infrastructure. To prevent such attacks on the server-side, you can also consider using reverse proxies.


3.    Proxy Servers Help Brands in Maintaining a Positive Image

When it comes to building an impression, it is the first impression that matters the most. Impersonation of labels is a major concern for most brands. Other than financial losses, it also spoils the reputation of a brand. As a result, it may lose both its existing and potential customers.

Whether you own a brand or work in a managerial position of a brand, you would want to save its image. A viable solution to address this need is to use a proxy server.

With proxy servers, you can keep an eye on the product listing of your brand. In addition, you can also bypass geo-restrictions and unblock websites that block access requests from your region. This way, you can access materials that you cannot access due to geographical restrictions.

With the action of data center proxies, you can better safeguard the image of your company.


4.    Eliminates the Instances of Data Breach

These days, many cybercriminals mimic the actual uniform resource locators (URLs) of top organizations. Websites with such URLs are called phishing sites. The owners of such websites are cybercriminals who aim to collect the login information of internet users.

Deploying sophisticated data center proxies can help you prevent phishing sites from luring your clients.


5.    Protection from Malware

Malware can infect a website at any point in time. It poses a major cybersecurity challenge as cybercriminals devise new ways to launch malware attacks on websites. Transparent proxies allow users to access websites safely and bypass malware attacks.


Final Thoughts

Cybersecurity is important for business organizations for many reasons. Given the rising instances of cybercrimes, using proxy servers is not a luxury but a necessity these days. If you haven’t used proxy servers yet, consider using them for the reasons mentioned earlier. Unsure about proxy servers? Try using free proxies with a list of IPs you can use to access websites blocked by your firewall or ISP. Be sure to choose a reputable free proxy server list that is updated regularly. Otherwise, you may end up with a list of outdated or unreliable proxies