Where To Hire Programmers For Cybersecurity Startup In 2022?

As far as an IT market goes in 2022 a startup project in whatever area is not required to have a full-stack in-house development team and, honestly, doesn’t even need to. This is why those carrying big ideas and smaller budgets may not be feeling deprived of the chance to hire decent tech talents.

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However, to hire a development team might deliver one unexpected challenge – high-quality developers shortage. Go figure, right? Given that every second person is pursuing an IT career. Yet, according to the Korn Ferry’s report, by 2030 about 85 million jobs may fail to be filled because of a massive global talent shortage. The IT branch is one of those professional areas big-time addressing gaps in skills.


So, then how should startups avoid falling into a trap of hiring not enough skills for the job, when rehiring is quite a luxurious option ( money, time, energy) for a startup, especially a cybersecurity one? Below there might be some insights for finding the right places online where the best startup programmers are hanging up. 

Main Ways of Hiring Programmers in 2022


To continue with the idea of getting the talent for the job there are several proven ways to hire programmers for startups. 


The seeker should address high-profile sources that have solid expertise in finding the right experts to match all the requirements of the startup’s workflow set. Let’s have a quick peek at some of them.

  • Outsourcing. Outsourcing companies specialize in helping the project, or certain parts of it to be delivered by a particularly professional team of developers. Outsourcing developers possess expertise in the concept of inhaling your vision of things to be done and exhaling the expected result. Yet be ready to have as little involvement in the process as possible. The team is not yours to run and redirect when things start going South in your opinion.


  • Outstaffing. The Outstaffing model of hiring a development team is an excellent way to get a perfect tech specialist for the project, have them around, and assign and re-assign them with tasks without dealing with any of the employment and recruitment procedures. You are served with programmers who know what they should do, you are involved in a constant monitoring process, however, when an issue within the employment area occurs, the outstaffing company is the one to deal with it.


  • Freelance services. The freelance services are also helpful in terms of finding developers aware of the startup concept and how to convert their skills into a fully-functioning project. The task here is to learn through all of the possible risks and stick to the platforms that host only reliable and talented specialists.


  • A word-of-a-mouth. It is important to understand that no matter how tempting it is to hire an aunt’s son-in-law and a couple of highly-talented fellows, one might think twice before agreeing to that and making the relative happy. There is a chance that the described group of specialists might turn out to be pure gems in IT, but a cybersecurity startup will require much stronger references than those your aunt can provide.

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The choice will of course depend on the resource potential and exact needs. Yet turning to professionals will save time and money alongside offering quality and job-to-be-completed.


The Most Important Specialists for Every Cybersecurity Service

Being a technology bodyguard, Cybersecurity practices protect computers, servers, networks, cloud infrastructures, mobile and electronic systems, and, of course, data from violations. Cybersecurity fields can be categorized in the following way:

  • Cloud security
  • IoT security
  • App security
  • Network security
  • Critical infrastructure security


These cybersecurity areas create a demand for highly professional tech specialists. Huge businesses set up their own cybersecurity task forces and the demand for cybersecurity specialists keeps growing, whether we talk about plans to hire remote cloud engineers, or getting a devoted tech team. 

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Cybersecurity jobs accelerate in IT seeking to fill the roles with tech talents who will control and respond to global security issues with excellence.

Let’s see who is coveted the most:

  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Cybersecurity cloud developer
  • Cybersecurity Architect
  • Systems Engineer
  • Vulnerability Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Technician
  • Penetration Tester 
  • Cybersecurity Consultant

Cybersecurity tech bodyguards keep things quiet in terms of malicious attacks and provide solutions in case something occurs.

Cisco, Splunk, McAfee Enterprise, IBM, OneTrust, Fortinet, CyberArk Software, Amazon, and Microsoft are the representatives of high-profile cybersecurity companies. How do they manage to create such an image? Surely, by developing cybersecurity departments filled with specialists who understand that safety incidents upgrade and so should their skills. 



Thinking of hiring a specialist for a cybersecurity startup it is possible to address various options. The choice will depend on the resource situation the startup is in. It is highly recommended to turn to special companies offering employment services to not overspend while looking for the ideal candidate.