“Active Cypher was founded on the belief that socially responsible data protection is a right and privilege granted to every person and organization.

Our DLP software solution, File Fortress for Enterprise protects your files anywhere they’re stored, anywhere they’re sent, without changing how the end-user works.

With File Fortress for Enterprise, malware and ransomware can’t get to your important information, nor can users leak your most critical files, whether accidental or malicious. It renders leaked, stolen, or misplaced files useless to the wrong person.

End-to-End Encryption

Active Cypher’s intelligent, zero-trust file security operates invisibly to users and provides seamless governance and management.

• End-To-End Encryption – Encryption is done at the file level and not the directory or volume. They are only available for viewing and editing by authorized users:

• Shared file control of email attachments

• File-access control, Read-Only, Print, and Download

• Time-bound access

• Access easily revoked

• Crypto-Agile Architecture – encryption in AES-256 or Active Cypher’s Quantum Encryption Standard (QES).

• Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Security – Centralized management and governance of file security across all cloud storage endpoints. Whether your data is stored in Azure, Dropbox, AWS, etc.

• Simplifies and Expands protection – Integrates Microsoft services and infrastructure, such as Microsoft Security Center and Azure Active Directory, to ensure easy implementation and broaden file security.

• Zero-Trust File Security – Never trust, always verify. Identity-centric access through Azure Active Directory and file specific meta-data focused provides risk-based file privileges.

• Complies with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and other consumer protection laws.

Data is the new perimeter for security, and Active Cypher’s File Fortress for Enterprise provides a low-overhead, simple to deploy solution.”

HQ: Newport Beach, California, United States
Country: USA
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