Abacode is a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). We help businesses consolidate all of their Regulatory Compliance & Cybersecurity needs, under one roof. Abacode is fundamentally different than most Cybersecurity and Compliance providers as we address company risk from a business strategy first and cyber-technologies second. This methodology ensures your technical and non-technical leadership are able to make strategic decisions that positively impact the entire organization. Historically, companies thought of security as a single product or point solution and use an average of 40+ different vendors to purchase all of their Cybersecurity products or services. This led to increased confusion, limited cohesiveness and zero cost-controls for the business. Abacode was built to solve this problem. As one of the few solely dedicated full-service Cybersecurity and Compliance firms, we provide companies a single trusted source for all of products, solutions and professional services needs. Cybersecurity and Compliance isn?t just a part of what we do, it is our sole focus. This matters a great deal to our clients and channel partners. We understand you may have a favorite cybersecurity product or supplier. Chances are, we work with them too. Our applied cyber research lab and Security Operation Centers (SOC) provide unbiased decision-making for all of your Cybersecurity needs. Whether you engage Abacode directly or through one of our many trusted alliance partners (PoweredBy Abacode), we de-clutter the complex landscape of cybersecurity and place organizational and strategic thought back into the decision-making process. Offices in the Americas and Europe.

HQ: Tampa, FL, United States
Country: USA
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