Top 5 Tips For Evaluating SOC 2 Security Monitoring Platforms

Over the last couple of decades, many entrepreneurs and small business owners as well as global business giants have seen the value of selling their goods and services online through e-commerce as opposed to opening a physical brick and mortar store. 

While e-commerce, whether it is social media selling ventures, websites, or online marketplaces, is incredibly profitable when done right (especially in relation to overhead costs in traditional setups) it is still a ripe feeding ground for malicious hackers and breaches of cybersecurity. 

The SOC 2 Framework is a type of security framework that dictates internal audits and the identification of threats. It is mainly about managing consumer and client data safely and effectively along with their financial information and the personal data of the company itself. Five categories are commonly associated with SOC 2 monitoring namely privacy, confidentiality, availability, processing integrity, and security. 

  1. How Well Does The SOC 2 Work With An Auditor?

For purposes of validity, the report generated using the SOC 2 criterion needs to go well with the auditor who is evaluating all the security protocols. A SOC 2 auditor will undoubtedly look for features in the security monitoring platform that makes his/her job less challenging. 

The coordination and synergy of the platform and the auditor are therefore important. If more than one auditor is engaged in the evaluation task, the company will have to ascertain how informed and skilled they are with SOC 2 and similar security monitoring reports. 

  1. The Company’s Experience With SOC 2

If a business wants to succeed it needs to employ the best security monitoring platform it can afford and make sure there is personnel who will make the most of it. To find out how well SOC 2 will work for your business, many essential questions need to be considered such as the general level of cybersecurity used by the company offering it, how long the company has been working with SOC 2 reports, and the number of other businesses that have benefitted from the latter. 

  1. Ideal SOC 2 Support

Security monitoring platforms are largely automated but skilled support backing them up is still needed. Does the company offer a lot of support and guided tutorials during the SOC 2 compliance process? The technical support staff and customer care of the company also matter along with their hours of availability every day. 

  1. Compatibility 

When the time for security audits rolls around, a business needs the best possible security monitoring platform that fits in with all its requirements. Ensure your SOC 2 security platform is up to the mark by asking questions like whether it produces both type 1 and type 2 SOC reports, whether it meets the 5 categories mentioned above, and does it have a master control set? 

  1. A Dynamic Platform

A SOC 2 platform needs to be ever-evolving and user-friendly to meet all the changing requirements of business security audit procedures today. The platform should be applicable to different types of businesses across different industries and should be expected to increase its available tools and services in the immediate future.