Top 3 Services for Continuous Automated Red Teaming

Security in the cyber environment is an issue that is increasingly gaining prominence within companies. Due to the myriad vulnerabilities that can be found in IT environments, it is important to assess which solutions are best for you when it comes to protecting sensitive data.

Mimicking techniques hackers use is an essential tactic for good security posture management. Red teaming satisfies this need, performing an active search for security vulnerabilities across the enterprise’s IT environment. In this article, we will dig into what continuous red teaming is and find out the top 3 services for continuous automated red teaming!

Red teaming was originally a military tactic in which military drills were conducted to test the battle preparedness of the army. In these drills, an attack team would be brought in to attack the soldiers in a simulated scenario to test soldiers under different circumstances.

Now, red teaming is more well-known as a cybersecurity tactic. In its simplest form, red teaming involves breaking into encrypted computer systems. In both cryptography and social engineering, the emphasis is on convincing employees to hand over unwarranted “military” system access to the enemy.

The offensive approach of red teams has developed considerably since the 1980s, but many of the tools, especially social engineering ones, are relatively platform-independent.

Red teaming simulates an invasion of the company’s systems and applications. As a way to test cybersecurity through cyberattacks, the technique mimics the real world, using every method an attacker would use. For this reason, red teaming is often confused with “ethical hacking”. It should be taken into account that this team must be composed of highly qualified and certified professionals. Thus, you will have collaborators who are highly knowledgeable about threats and can identify vulnerabilities.

Benefits of Continuous Automated Red Teaming

Some of the main advantages of red teaming are:

  • Copies tactics, techniques, and procedures used by real attackers
  • Prepares the company for real cyber attacks by running simulations for certain types of threats
  • Engenders a proactive attitude among employees
  • More cost-effective compared to penetration testing
  • Detection of unknown problems in unknown locations
  • Allows you to assess security operations and observation capabilities

How to Make Red Teaming Frequent and Accessible

In certain situations, IT professionals may not have enough time to run Red Teaming tests constantly, which ends up making this process a secondary activity. Thankfully, though, there are tools on the market that automate these exercises. They facilitate the red teaming process by automating it. Thus, the practice becomes frequent and continuous within the company. This is continuous automated red testing (CART).

Intelligent tools, which simulate attacks from real hackers, can be incorporated into work routines to automate the work that would be the responsibility of the red team. This type of platform identifies threats and highlights vulnerabilities according to their risk, with complete, modern, and effective reports.

With attack simulation solutions, you can identify weaknesses in your organization’s security posture, gain real-time visibility into attacks, and more efficiently remove attackers from your environment. In this way, the demand for manual work is reduced, investments in safety are optimized, and safety measures become more effective.

It is necessary to seek ideal, modern, and efficient solutions to promote an adequate security posture and carry out continuous protection against attacks. Now that you know how red teaming works, let’s check out the top CART service providers.

Top 3 CART Service Providers

1. Cymulate

The number one CART provider on our list is the Israel-based company, Cymulate. It has been providing security services since 2016 and due to its quick and highly optimized services, it won the Frost & Sullivan 2021 Product Leadership Award.

Using automated red teaming, Cymulate accurately and rapidly assesses the risk created by security gaps and exposures detected by BAS and Recon/ASM. The company allows developers to avail of a free trial so that they can test the service and see how beneficial it is for their use case.


2. Randori

Randori is another excellent CART service provider. It is a US-based security firm founded in 2018, and started providing CART services in 2020. It has an experienced team that includes the former deputy NSA/CSS chief among its ranks. Randori is more focused on the MITRE ATT&CK framework. The company offers a demo for those who wish to understand how they help with continuous automated red teaming.


3. FireCompass

The third service provider on this list is FireCompass, an India-based SaaS startup that has been providing CART services since 2019. FireCompass has been mentioned as a representative vendor in the 2021 Gartner Hype Cycle for Security Operations.

FireCompass is more focused on the use of AI in CART operations and, in a short span, has managed to gain a good reputation for its effective techniques and flexibility in the field. They also offer a demo for those who wish to understand how they help with continuous automated red teaming.

Final Words

Red teaming relies on the premise that you won’t really know how secure your systems are until they have been compromised. Instead of running the risk of a truly malicious attack, it’s safer to simulate one through continuous automated red teaming using a service provider that suits you.