Top 10 Women in Cybersecurity and InfoSec for 2018

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In 2018 the number of cyber threats is rising every day, but there are still many gaps that needs to be filled in the world of cybersecurity. There is definitely a talent shortage as many people still think that there is no place for women in information security. Currently, women represent only 11 percent of the cybersecurity force worldwide.

As we already hear and read news related to cyber warfare and espionage on a daily basis, maybe it’s the right time for women in cybersecurity to step in and help to solve more related cyber problems. Although some people may say that the lack of interest is the main reason why there isn’t many women in InfoSec there is a huge potential for this to change in the future. We from CyberDB have created a list with some of the top women in cybersecurity so you can learn more about them and their accomplishments. Feel free to check it out!

Our list of top women in Cybersecurity & InfoSec


Ann Barron-DiCamillo @annie_bdcAnn Barron-DiCamillo

Ann Barron-Dicamillo has spent time both in the public and private sector and now is the VP Cyber Threat Intelligence and Incident Response at American Express. In this role she continues to strengthen the company’s cybersecurity operations.

Lesley Carhart @hacks4pancakesLesley Carhart

On her website, Lesley describes herself as a “Full-Spectrum Cyber-Warrior Princess” and there is no doubt that she is one.  Currently she serves as an Assistant NCOIC – Cyber Transport at US Air Force Reserve and Principal Threat Hunter at Dragos Inc.

Window Snyder @windowWindow Snyder

Since July 2018 Window Snyder is the Chief Security Officer of Intel’s Platform Security Division. Previously she has been a CSO at Fastly, Apple and the Mozilla Corporation. What an impressive background!

Runa Sandvik @runasandRuna Sandvik

The position of Runa Sandvik at the moment is Senior Director of Information Security at the New York Times. She is also a board member of the The Signals Foundation which has the goal to: “to develop open source privacy technology that protects free expression and enables secure global communication.”

Mischel Kwon @MKACyberMischel Kwon

Previously, Mischel Kwon has been working as a Chief IT Security Technologist at the Department of Justice and as a Director at US-Cert. She has also been VP Public Sector Solutions at RSA before establishing her own cybersecurity startup – MKACyber

Cecily Joseph @cecilyjosephcrCecily Joseph

Cecily is currently serving as a Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Symantec and a member of the Board of Directors in Net Impact. She has received the San Francisco Comission on the Status of Women Human Rights.

Eleanor Dallaway @InfosecEditorEleanor Dallaway

Elenaor Dallaways is the editor of the Infosecurity Magazine. She spends her days by interviewing different cybersecurity professionals and keeping the website of the magazine updated with the most recent news from the industry.

Katie Moussouris @k8em0Katie Moussouris

She is a well-known computer security researcher and also created the bug bounty program of Microsoft. She has also served as a Chief Policy Officer at HackerOne before establishing her own company Luta Security in 2016.

Parisa Tabriz @laparisaParisa Tabiz

Parisa is also known as the “security princess” of Google because of her experience in hacking and cyber security. She is currently serving as a Director of Engineering of the Google Chrome browser.

Juliette Kayyem @juliettekayyemJuliette Kayyem

Juliette is a co-founder and CEO of Zemcar – a startup that connects busy families with professional drivers to solve transportation needs. She is also serving as a Security Analyst for CNN and host the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) podcast on WGBH radio.


If you think that we have missed someone, feel free to contact us so we can include your suggestions into our list!

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