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It’s the end of the year, and the media is busy with summarizing the year in cybersecurity- how many data breaches occurred, the total sum of money lost to cybercrime and the number of customer details leaked due to negligence or malicious activities. And behold- 2017 was worse than any year preceding it- we’ve witnessed denial-of service attacks that nearly shut down the internet, billions of dollars lost to cyber activities and companies and organization whose reputation has been so badly tarnished that it is hard to see how customers will ever trust them again.

There's lots of "Cybersecurity" out there
There’s lots of “Cybersecurity” out there

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LinkedIn is a valuable information source for the Cybersecurity professional. According to LinkedIn, there are 269,144 Cybersecurity professionals listed on LinkedIn today.

Many of them are active users that share information and engage in discussions, providing this platform far greater value than it’s original purpose as a job board (By the way, LinkedIn also list  19,049 cybersecurity positions).
But not all the information on LinkedIn is freely available to everyone. Many of the more interesting discussions are taking place on LinkedIn groups- most of which require validation and acceptance by the administrators.

But if you do take the time to search for the interesting groups you are guaranteed to find great people to engage with and exposure to the most interesting content.

You can search for groups by typing “Cyber + security” into LinkedIn search bar and filter by “groups”: but you will find 1,347 results (far above the number of groups LinkedIn allows you to participate in)- but even that is not the full story- there are countless other groups with names including IT security, Cybercrime, and Cloud security.

Cyber Security groups
Cyber Security groups

We have put together a list of 160 LinkedIn Cybersecurity groups to help you get started.

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