Outsourcing SOC: Pros and Cons

Outsourcing SOC

Having a platoon of cybersecurity professionals continually monitoring your corporate landscape to guarantee the protection of every digital asset is what a Security Operations Centre (SOC) delivers to you. But, to build an in-house SOC or outsource it is the real challenge.

Here is why you consider outsourcing SOC, or not.

Pros of Outsourcing SOC

First, savings. SOCaaS startups aren’t cheap; you have to pay for everything from hardware and software to staffing a full complement of security analysts. In most cases, the cost of spinning up your own SOC from scratch would be prohibitive.

Second, expertise. An outsourced SOC will employ a number of security experts, all with deep knowledge of the latest attack and defense functions, and you can access them immediately.

Third, 24/7 coverage. Vigilance isn’t a luxury – an outsourced SOC partner will watch over your resident network sensors and alerts for you to prevent any kind of unplanned downtime.

Fourth, a SOC’s most attractive characteristic will likely be its flexibility and scalability: your provider should be able to scale with your business as needed.

Cons of Outsourcing SOC

However, outsourcing isn’t without its drawbacks.

Less control over security. By hiring an MSSP, your security is essentially in the hands of an outsider. You may be unsure how well they can understand your business and its needs.

Less agile — potential slower response. An outside team may not respond as quickly as an internal, outsourced one, due to their location and structure.

Potential communication issues. An outside team may be more difficult to communicate with, leading toward more communication or more time required to relay important information.

New security threat? Having a company handle your security may seem like a smart move to improve security. But you now have another layer to trust — that they will handle your data correctly and that their own security is up to par.

Balancing the Pros and Cons

So is outsourcing a SOC the right decision for you? There are reasons for and against going this route. From here, it’s a matter of deciding if the trade-offs are worth it for you. Consider your business’s individual circumstances, your future plans, and the other tips outlined above.

It’s true that outsourcing your Security Operations Centre comes with some serious advantages — including cost savings, unmatched expertise, and round-the-clock security monitoring services.

That being said, you do give up a certain level of control and communication (among other things).

In the end, the right decision is one that makes sense for your business and your risk tolerance. Whichever path you opt for, ensuring cybersecurity for your organization or business is of the utmost necessity.

Stay alert, stay safe, and make sure you’re doing the due diligence to protect your digital assets!