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With over 5 years of experience in recruitment. A Lot of Open Job Positions to apply


With over 5 years of experience in recruitment, over 100 customers and exposure to InfoSec experts world wide, we can help employers in allocating candidates that maximize on all their strengths.

Our exposure to Cyber candidates ranges from Cyber security specialists to experts that combine technical, commercial and business capabilities for positions such as Marketing, Sales, Pre-sales and Product management.

This is how we deliver excellent Cyber Strategy. By ensuring we offer premium data and analysis of solutions for the Global Cyber Industry, and the best people to offer these solutions.

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Job Seekers

With a total number of Cyber vendors in our database exceeding 1400 and growing, there are numerous positions that job seekers can find here through the vendors in the industry.

There are positions in management, particularly Product and Marketing Management with people who have experience in cyber security.

Furthermore, positions for Sales and Sales Engineers need individuals who have dual skills, including the ability to communicate with customers and solve problems, as well as deep technical understanding are available.


Employers Section

CyberDB is the go-to firm for employers looking to succeed in Cyber Strategy with the right team to carry them through. This team needs to be equipped with essential skills, including the ability to understand deep technical terms and processes, as well as the option to interact with clients.  A focused recruiting firm will have a long lasting impact on an organisation that is looking to meet its goals. For that reason, it is possible to submit a request to get a position in Cyber Strategy through CyberDB.

In order to ensure that you are fitted within an organisation that has excellent opportunities, it is best to choose the services of a recruiting firm. Employers can find help here and connect with potential employees. This will ensure that employers are exposed to pools of qualified individuals who will add value to their organisations.

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