How to Send Anonymous Email: 5 Stealthy Methods

We utilize email for a variety of purposes when anonymity is required, but emails are designed to be two-way. The email contains more information about you than just the sender’s address. You might be able to obtain routing information if you look at the entire email header. This could be sufficient to identify you and cause a variety of issues.

But don’t despair! We’ll demonstrate how to send an anonymous email properly in this article.

1.   Use a Burner Email Account and a VPN

Burner Email Accounts are email accounts that expire after a certain amount of time or allow you to send an email without registering for one. In either circumstance, the message you send can’t be traced back to you. Another choice is AnonymouseMail, which allows you to send a completely anonymous message to any recipient.

When you need to register for suspicious websites, burner emails might assist keep spam away from your real accounts. Any account you create using a burner email, on the other hand, will be challenging to maintain, especially if you need to change a password via a link, which will be delivered to the registered email – which will no longer exist by then. To make it safer, use a VPN.


2.   Increase Your Email Anonymity Using a VPN

Snoopers, advertisers, and hackers bombard Internet users. It’s nothing unexpected that countless people need to send anonymous messages and secure their online identity. Utilizing a VPN to ensure protection at the operational framework level is probably the best method for getting your information on the web. A VPN reroutes all of your traffic through a proxy server, making it impossible for anyone to figure out who you are or where you are. However, keep in mind that if you use a VPN while signing into an app like Facebook, the corporation will still be able to track your activities. Other third-party services, including Facebook, will not work while you are logged out.


3.   Use Your Email Client and a VPN

The simplest way to send emails anonymously is to utilize a VPN in conjunction with any popular email service such as Gmail or Yahoo. Don’t use any information that can be traced back to you while creating a new account. Choose a phony name, date of birth, and address instead. To give you a verification code, certain email service providers may require you to supply a valid phone number. Before you give it away, consider the possibility that it will be traced back to you.

Even if you don’t provide any personal information, many services will track your IP address and collect statistics about your behavior. Such data has the potential to disclose your identity and location. Law enforcement authorities are also required to receive this information from the most common email services. As a result, you should utilize a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in addition to your new account to modify and disguise your original IP address.

You can also use the following email services:


4.   Guerilla Mail

Since 2006, Guerilla Mail has been a popular source of the anonymous email. It varies from the other secure email providers on this list in that it provides a temporary email account for anonymous email sending and receiving. If you’re in a rush, Guerilla Mail can create the email address for you. Sending messages is more straightforward now that you don’t need an account.


5.   ProtonMail

Before your emails leave your device, ProtonMail encrypts them with PGP. It ensures a no-logs policy, so even if law enforcement showed up at the provider’s door, there would be nothing to show them. Self-destructing emails are also available in ProtonMail. Basically, pick your favored lapse time, and ProtonMail will eradicate the messages from the beneficiary’s inbox when that time shows up.



Since the Internet broke through the academic realm and became available to everyone, the digital world has altered rapidly. When the process began, the killer app was email, which demonstrated why everyone should have Internet access. Email finders are often used to facilitate obtaining email addresses. Since then, a lot has changed. Then came smartphones, which completely transformed the game.

Because email is so valuable and necessary, there are times when using an anonymous email service is not just beneficial but necessary. If your work entails a high level of risk, spoof emails can help safeguard your integrity and security. Even if you’re a regular user, anonymous emails might help you protect your primary email address from unsolicited communications. Or simply keep it secret enough that only those who need to know can use it, as it was initially.

Fortunately, there are a number of reliable anonymous email services available that may provide you with privacy, anonymity, and security when you need it. They’re also quick, inexpensive, and dependable, so there’s no need to shun them if the circumstance calls for it.