How to promote an Instagram page safely? Tips for a great purchase in 2022

If you have just decided to turn for help in IG promotion from third party services, we have some good news for you – thanks to current progress in the sphere you will be able to reach success extremely quickly if you follow the safety rules. Yes, the purchase might get a little bit tricky sometimes (you have to find the company that provides decent services, figure out exactly the package that you need, etc) but if you’d read this article and follow advice in it, you’re going to succeed effortlessly.

So, how to buy Instagram followers with no threats to your page and do it cheaply at the same time?

The main rule

We can divide safety into two parts here: the safety for your account and for your account’s future. We’d like to start from the second point, as it is way more important and might have worse consequences than just wasting some money on a service that’s not going to even be delivered.

The safety of your account’s future lies in using decent or indecent services – for example, if you’d buy real Instagram followers, you’re going to be okay. What do we mean by real subs? These have to be the people who are using Instagram daily, have their bios and feeds filled and don’t have too many weird subscriptions (to bots and fakes). These people are usually subscribing either to people whom they are sincerely interested in or to the clients of the company which is going to reward them for that subscription. Basically, this is the only option that you can use in terms of quality promotion that’s not going to harm you and will only bring benefits.

Bots, fakes, dead pages are only taking something away from you – to be clear, they are taking reputation and activity on the page from you. IG algorithms “see” pretty clearly what type of interactions your profile has with the other pages, and if all of them are with the fake pages, the “conclusions” are going to be made, and your posts and stories are not going to be recommended to people from that moment on. Today IG has a pretty strict policy against the fake pages, so you shouldn’t be surprised: we think you can agree that bots are spoiling the pleasant time that people have in the online space.

The second rule

Never give away any of your personal data except for the username and the email that is sometimes needed for selling you the bill for the payment or any other additional info. No password, no actual name, no address should be sent to the company that you’re willing to purchase subs from – all of that is a red flag and a clear signal that you’re about to be scammed.


Be very careful with what you’re buying and who from, choose decent payment systems and always make sure that you’re comfortable on the website, that the technical support works decently and that you can get whatever explanations you need before the purchase. If you cannot get a manager to talk to you, this is a bad sign and if you have time and willing you better look for another resource to use. If you don’t have that time, you can simply use the links that we have given you in this article – these are going to save you lots of time, money and nerves!