How to Hide Your Phone Number on iPhone

Being able to hide or block your phone number when making calls or sending texts can be useful for maintaining privacy. The iPhone makes it easy to hide your phone number, so callers or text recipients don’t see your real number. Here are some ways how to hide number when calling iphone. You can also familiarize yourself with the SMS tracker function.

Use Private Call

The simplest way to enter phone number to see texts for individual calls is to enable Private Call. Here’s how:

  • Open the Phone app and make a call as usual.
  • On the call screen, tap the Info button on the top right.
  • Toggle on Private Call.

This will hide your phone number for this specific call only. Repeat the same steps to enable Private Call each time you want to make your number private on iPhone.

Set Up Private Calling

If you want to know how to block your number on iPhone, you can configure your iPhone for private calling:

  • Go to Settings > Phone.
  • Toggle on Private Calling.

Now all calls you make will show “No Caller ID” or “Private Number” to recipients rather than revealing your real number. This setting persists until you turn it off.

Use Third-Party Apps

Some apps like Skype and WhatsApp have built-in options to make your number private on iPhone. For example:

  • In Skype, tap your profile icon > Settings > Privacy > Calls.
  • Toggle “Show my phone number” off.

WhatsApp also lets you hide your number in your account settings. Enabling these options in apps will prevent your iPhone number from being shown.

Block Your Number via Carrier

You may also be able to block your number via your carrier by dialing *67 before making a call. This will hide your caller ID for that call only. Check with your carrier to see if they support this feature.

Use iMessage Effects

When texting someone using iMessage, you can find out how to make your number private on iPhone by using special iMessage effects:

  • When typing a message, tap and hold the send button.
  • Choose an effect like Slam, Loud, Gentle, or Invisible Ink.

Using an iMessage effect will cause your number to appear as all zeros to the recipient. They’ll still see your name if you’re in their contacts.

Try Number Spoofing

Beyond just knowing how to block your number on iPhone, you can also change what number shows up when you call or text someone using certain third-party apps. These apps allow you to choose what phone number displays to the recipient, letting you spoof your caller ID. Here’s how it works:


First, download a caller ID spoofing app and select a new phone number you want to display when making calls. Then, go to the app settings and enable the option for caller ID spoofing. This allows the app to override your real number. Now, when you make a call in the app, tap the contact and select “Call” to dial the number. On their caller ID, the recipient will see the number they chose in the app rather than your actual iPhone number. This gives you not only an understanding of how to block your number on iPhone but also control over what number you want to show up when contacting someone, hiding your real number entirely. It’s a bit more complex than just hiding your number, but gives you the flexibility to display any number you want.

Hide Number on Specific Contacts

You can hide your number on a contact-by-contact basis too:

  • Go to Contacts and select a contact.
  • Tap Edit in the upper-right corner.
  • Under Ringtone, tap Default.
  • Toggle on Hide My Caller ID.

Now calls and texts to this chosen contact will have your number hidden. Repeat for any other contacts you want to conceal your number from.

Hide Number on FaceTime

By default, your phone number is visible when you FaceTime someone who isn’t in your contacts. To understand how to hide number when calling iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > FaceTime.
  • Toggle off “Display Caller ID”.

This will prevent your number from being shown on FaceTime calls. The recipient will instead see “No Caller ID” or “Private Number.”

Check if the Number is Visible

To test if your steps to hide your caller ID are working:

  • Use another phone to call or text your iPhone’s number.
  • See if your number shows up on the other phone.

You can also ask a friend to verify if your number is visible when you call or text them. This is the best way to confirm your wish to know how to block my number on iPhone if settings are enabled.


Hiding your number is great for maintaining privacy. Just be aware that some recipients may choose not to answer calls or texts from private numbers. Make sure to let recipients know to expect a call or text from you even if your number is hidden.