How to Find The Perfect AI Essay Writer For Free

Writing is a big part of learning in schools and colleges. Students need to ace the art and craft of writing to survive the school and even excel in their careers. This is because they need to write extensive essays and papers to showcase their learning and skills. Since many students lack that skill or the motivation to learn, they seek out other avenues. Apart from hiring a professional writer to write essays and papers, you have an AI essay writer to come to the rescue!

What Does An AI Essay Writer Do?

An AI essay writer is a nifty tool that requires basic information for a paper or an essay and creates a unique one based on that. By providing simple instructions to the tool, they can receive a finished essay or a paper in seconds. 

Using sophisticated algorithms, the AI essay writer can go through different online sources and come up with the right answer in the right format. That’s why professionals and students prefer it over other writing assistants and paraphrasing tools.

What Can You Write With A Free AI Essay Writer?

Many students ask this question. At the outset, it has a fairly simple answer. An AI essay writer can write anything that it has been programmed to write. Platforms have clear indications and limitations of the tools so you can find it there when you do it.


An essay is the writer’s “attempt” to explain, describe, narrate, and argue, a point using logical structure and literary figures. Interestingly, it is one of the most common types of writing used in schools and colleges to gauge the competency of the students and AI essay writers, such as, can do it excellently.


Serious in tone and voice, a research paper has a lot of things in common with an essay, yet it has references and citations to support the text. The subject matter also differs. However, if you specify to that you want a research paper for college or a specific topic, it will churn out one with all the furnished citations and in-text references.


A thesis is a lot like a research paper but it is lengthier in terms of word count and comprehensive in approach. In structure and spirit, it closely resembles a research paper but it is almost ten times the word count and number of pages. Now, you can’t write a complete thesis in one go using an AI essay typer, but you can do it easily by dividing the piece into different sections.

Movie/Book Reviews

If the name is any indication, you need to read a book or watch a movie and then write a review on it. Again, these reviews are subjective and shed light on different elements of the subject, such as tone, voice, themes, prose, and more. Using a free AI essay writer, you can write a complete movie/book review but the work should be old enough to be indexed on the internet.

Finding The Right Free AI Essay Writer

Finding the perfect AI essay writer can be a challenge. Since you are here, we are obliged to help you with choosing the right one. Here are some practical tips to get you started.

Personal Recommendations

Always start with your peers, friends, and siblings. There are healthy chances that they might have used an essay typer and their experience was excellent. You can take their lead and start from there. In 9/10 cases, this is where the search of most people ends.

Reviews & Feedback

Any brand’s online reputation rests on customer reviews and feedback. There are different mediums, such as Whatsapp surveys, through which users express their views and experiences concerning a tool with relevance. You can go through Google Reviews, Yelp, and other community-based sites to get started.

Expert Suggestions

If you have put in some time and effort in writing and following blogs and persons online, you can find expert suggestions from legitimate reviewers. This way, you will know where to start and how to gauge the effectiveness of a Paraphrasing tool


Summing Up The Discussion

Students hate writing and editing for hours just to secure a couple of marks. However, these scores make what the end of the semester looks like for them. AI essay writers can take all the hard work and turn it into fun. By getting a finished piece, they can edit and proofread it and submit it to secure excellent grades.