ROOTCON 12 Hacking Conference

September 27, 2018 – September 28, 2018 all-day
Tagaytay City

Time to gear up and get ROOTCON 12 a kick-off, starting off with our first task the ROOTCON 12 theme.

Event themes will give us the feel and vibe on the conference each year, last year we had Humans meets IoT where we had a vibe of knowing the troubles and insecurities on IoT devices.

This year we thought of giving highlights on the hacker community and the culture it’s living, our theme will be Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution which is based from the novel written by Steven Levey, on his novel he discussed about hacker culture and that he thought hackers were fascinating people, adventurers, visionaries, risk-takers and artists rather than what most ordinary nowadays pictured the word “hackers”. The look n feel of this years theme will be carrying a Retro and 8-bit feel.