Enhancing Cybersecurity in Fleet Management

Digital fleet management techniques have come a long way from using paper logs or even documents developed on the computer. These methods have made the back office’s job so much more efficient, but also present some new issues for the security of your fleet and data.

We’ll discuss how to prevent problems in your fleet by enhancing your technology’s cybersecurity.

Get A Software Solution

While this might sound obvious, you’ll want to get a solution that makes a lot of our suggestions easier. Instead of having your ability to make your cybersecurity easier scattered across multiple solutions that are also holding your data in different ways, get a HOS & DVIR App Solution. Once your sensitive data is logged and being stored, then you’ll be able to start practicing truly safe fleet management methods.

Giving Access To Your Data

This is going to sound very simple, but limiting how much access you give to your employees and vendors is a basic first step in enhancing cybersecurity for your fleet. While your HOS & DVIR App Solution can do an excellent job of collecting all the data you need to do your job well, you’ll still want to manage who can see the data.

Without going into a huge amount of detail, workers and vendors are only given access to what they really need. There is no one-size-fits-all all solution of giving everyone admin access to everything. A good electronic data logging app gives you the chance to clearly spell out what kind of access you want to give to an individual without making it too complicated for you or your coworkers.

This needs to be done because every person and device puts your data at risk of being found and shared. A hacker or even an unhappy employee could gain access to data that doesn’t need to be shared and provide the info to people who wish to harm your business.

Some relatively simple solutions include using security setups like 2-factor authentication, which texts or emails to a separate email account. Other options here include tapping a number on a secured device.

Ensure Devices Are Updated

Data theft methods change all the time. Your software will want to keep up with them. Ensure that your app solutions for data logging are always up to date by ensuring the apps are always set to update by themselves and make them automatic! You should also check to see whether or not software can update while a driver is driving so that downloads can be made quickly and safely.

Not downloading updates leaves you with an unwelcome security gap that puts you at risk of being exposed by bad actors.

Firewalls and Anti-Virus Software

Every tablet, smartphone, and computer that uses electronic data logging software for your fleet should have a solid set of anti-virus and firewall apps. Why? Well, some security threats can get into your devices without you knowing it, whether it’s from an unsecured network or from downloading an app and game with security problems.

Good antivirus and firewall software will alert you to the presence of problems and remove threats before they cause more serious issues like data threats.

Thankfully, these should be the easiest part of managing your security, so long as you allow your firewall and antivirus software to run in the background and stay up to date!

Physical Device Security Is Essential

While we can discuss the security of your device’s software, don’t forget that ELD devices can be stolen too. We suggest working with the company that makes your software and hardware to find a way to secure your electronic data logging device, whether it’s a tablet, phone, or computer.

This could mean installing more advanced security systems in your transport vehicles or modifying hardware within a truck to ensure it is difficult, if not impossible to steal.

Test Problems Regularly

On a regular basis, check that security settings haven’t changed unexpectedly. Try your multi-factor authentication to make sure it’s going to the right place. Look at employee logs to ensure they are using security right – and from the right places that seem safe and secure.


Data security is essential for trucking and transport companies. Our suggestions should be a great start in developing peace of mind for the devices and software you use. You’ll need to be diligent in implementing these to ensure you have total coverage, which helps prevent data theft and potential security risks for your company