Engaging With The Team: Why Employee Opinions Are Valuable In A Growing Business

According to Lensa “Teamwork makes the dream work”. A popular phrase used by employees to help spark motivation within their team, as they aim to encourage their workforce to increase productivity levels and continue delivering excellent service.

Businesses also aim to keep their turnover rates low. However, the nation still shows high turnover rates across the country. Turnover rates in business can indicate what it is like to work within a company. Companies that boast low turnover rates indicate to candidates applying for a role within that business that there is a good working environment. The positive working environment has kept employees wanting to continue working there, build on their skills and gain experience.

Employees can have such a positive impact on a business. Their skills, knowledge, experience, hard work and dedication help elevate a business to the next level. However, only a few companies will ask for the ideas and opinions of their team on growing the business.

An employee’s opinion can be a valuable tool. Business leaders should look into engaging with the team when growing their business, and here’s why.


Understanding Of The Business

It’s important that you understand the structure within your business. Your customers and employees should know where to go to and who to speak to. There may be few occasions when customers speak with management, and the reasons for this usually concern issues. In the general day-to-day operations, it is a company’s employees that engage and help customers. Employees understand the processes of the company the best as they are the ones that use them every working day. Any strengths and weaknesses in the process, they will likely know them all and have suggestions on how they can be improved to create a better customer experience.

When planning to grow the company, ask employees how to improve the current processes. Use the knowledge they share and work collaboratively with them to design a new process that all involved approve of. Before expanding the business, the new process can be trialed to see if there is a noticeable improvement, as well as identify any flaws that need work.


Fresh Perspective On Project

Spending significant time focusing on one project will likely give those working on it tunnel vision. It can be difficult to look at the project from a new perspective, especially if there are conflicting opinions on the matter. Bringing employees onto the project and asking for their opinion and view on the topic could be greatly beneficial. Their fresh perspective could uncover new possibilities that no one working on the project had thought about.

If you don’t know how to get your team involved, conduct a live audience polling to generate interest and ideas. Use a versatile live polling tool, like the one from Vevox, to do live polls and get your team involved. The information gathered from these polls could help you to identify the potential strength within your business and look into utilizing it. Additionally, when you ask your team for help on projects, they feel valued and that their opinions matter. In turn, this could have a positive impact on their productivity levels and quality of work.


Promote Employee Engagement

Sending live polls out for employees to complete, asking for feedback, and inviting them to meetings can make a positive impact on how your team feels. It can help to promote employee engagement, which will work in your favor when planning to expand the business. For companies to be successful, especially when expanding, they need to have the right team of people behind them supporting these plans for growth. Without their support, it could lead to issues that might be a challenge to resolve without the team’s help.

Getting employees engaged with plans for the company’s growth is a valuable tool to utilize. As mentioned, their opinions could make a noticeable difference to the project. They might have had previous experience from other roles that could benefit the company’s growth plans. For the company, there is no harm in listening to the opinions of employees. It promotes employee engagement and helps to keep them happy in their role.


It Impacts Them 

Ultimately, any decision you make about the company and its future causes a ripple effect throughout the company. Employees will feel the impact of any decisions made. If the decisions you plan to make will likely directly affect your employees, why not get them involved? If you plan on changing the processes to help accommodate the expanding business, ask them their thoughts on the updates. After all, your employees will be using these processes, so they are the best people to ask about how effective they think these changes will be.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be updating processes you ask them about. Speak with employees, either one-to-one or with each department, to ask where they see the company in the future. Whilst they might not have experience growing a business, they know about customer service and how to complete their work. If the expansion plans impact their workload, they will have a better understanding of if it could work or not.


Ask For Feedback

If you haven’t already, ask your employees for their feedback and opinions on plans to expand the business. You do not have to provide a detailed description of the plans, enough to spark interest and get conversations and ideas flowing. Send an email, do a poll – see if there is any interest within the company to help with the plans for growth. You will likely be surprised by the interest there is.

Opportunities to work on new projects usually capture the interest of employees, especially those looking to climb the career ladder or have a different task to do. Employees see it as a challenge, one that they cannot wait to get stuck into. You never know; the idea that one employee shares could be the missing piece you had been searching for in your quest to find ways to expand the business.