The Endpoint security market is booming

The Endpoint security solution is the fastest-growing category in cybersecurity, no doubt as a response to growing threats.

From all the categories in the cybersecurity world, one stands out in terms of sales volume and growth.

The Endpoint security products (also known as EPP- Endpoint security platforms) are designed to secure laptops, desktops, servers from malware. The rapid growth in this particular product category has several reasons. The first is the rise in attacks against endpoints, which is driven by financial motives. Ransomware attacks (which are targeting endpoints) have doubled in the last 12 months. When an organization is under attack, the most vulnerable assets are usually the endpoints, which host all the data and provide the attackers with access to other endpoints and servers, which they then use to identify data and encrypt it.

Ransomware and Cryptominers are the biggest threats

In addition to Ransomware, other forms of malware that target endpoints are on the raise- mainly crypto-miners, that use computing resources to produce cryptocurrencies (mainly Monero). Crypto-mining campaigns climbed 29 percent from Q4 2018 to Q1 2019. One infamous example of this trend is the discovery and takedown of a huge botnet consisting of 850,000. The computers were infected with the polymorphic miner “RETADUP”, and used the computers’ resources to mine Monero. Similarly, the

the Smominru campaign hijacked half a million PCs to mine cryptocurrency. The botnet has been active for at least two years and generally spreads through the EternalBlue exploit.

Organizations are aware of this growing, freightening trend, and respond by deploying endpoint solutions to secure themselves. Endpoint security solutions market is growing at an annual rate of 8% , from a total size of 6.5 billion USD in 2018 to an estimated 13 billion by 2022.

Endpoint security products integrate with the organizations’ security apparatus, that begins with the perimeter (Firewall, WAF), moving to the network (NTA) and terminates at the endpoints. Gartner defines EPP as “solutions deployed on endpoint devices to harden endpoints, to prevent malware and malicious attacks, and to provide…investigation and remediation capabilities.” EPP systems gradually replace legacy Anti-Virus systems, because even though both products provide the same functionality, the AV is signature-based (meaning it is only useful for detecting known malware) and EPP can identify and block new variants of malware and Zero-days.

The endpoint security market isn’t simply growing in overall market size, it is also very profitable and enjoys sizeable deal (given that enterprises have thousands of endpoint to secure). Last year, Blackberry acquired Cylance, one of main vendors, for 1.4 Billion USD. CarbonBlack IPOd and then sold to VMware for 2.1 billion, and Crowdstrike that has IPOd in June 2019, has since the saw a 150% rise in its stock price, propelling it to no.3 cybersecurity company in the world, ahead of established companies such as Checkpoint, Symantec and others.


Israeli Endpoint Security solution vendors

As far as the Israeli cyber market, the trend is similar. Several startups have identified this opportunity and developed endpoint security solutions: Nyotron, ensile, Minerva Labs. All these companies raise dozens of millions of USD and are trying to battle the huge companies oversees. The leading Israeli company is SentinelOne that was founded in 2013 and raised 230 Million USD since. The company has an Israeli R&D center, HQ in the Silicon Valley and a large sales office in Oregon. The company has 2500 global clients and its revenue is close to 100 million USD annually. Gartner has included SentinelOne in its prestigious “Magic Quadrant” research pertaining to endpoint security solutions, hailing it as “Visionary” -positioned furthest for completeness of vision (and the only Israeli endpoint security company to be included in the report. SentinelOne platform does not require any prior knowledge about the attack in order to identify the malware. This is due to intelligent machine-learning algorithm, continuously improved engines. SentinelOne uses several engines to ensure proper monitoring, identification, blocking and mitigation. SentinelOne enables defenders to quickly remediate, report and investigate the incident. Sentintelone automatic roll-back is extremely useful in terms of a ransomware attack. The company now expends the “Endpoint” security concept to new devices such as IoT device and for cloud security.





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