Could Your Printer Be a Security Risk to Your Data? Here’s What You Should Know

Numerous companies experienced security breaches throughout the years, exposing their private data to cybercriminals. What some people don’t know is that most of these attacks had printers as their primary targets. Considering that even high-profile companies are at risk, prioritizing printer security would help you reduce your chances of getting hacked and compromising your company data. Here’s why printer security matters when protecting your organization. 

What Makes Printers Vulnerable Targets?

The majority of us likely overlook printers due to their seemingly basic functionality. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t consider printers when they devise their security strategy. These individuals forget that loads of sensitive information go through these devices, making them appealing to hackers. Network printers can pose an even greater risk if they store previous print jobs in their internal hard drives. When access to these devices gets into the wrong hands, private data might get utilized for unlawful acts. Even worse, printers with built-in storages retain document copies when turned off. Some printer models allow users to print documents through the network, which is convenient. You can even set up embedded web servers in some cases. However, failing to implement tight security over your printers would allow an unauthorized person to take over. 

Printer-Related Breaches Are Increasing

According to HP’s recent data, IT professionals are noticing the increasing security attacks on printers. About 66% of these experts believe that their printers contain malware as well. Nearly 75% of CIOs predict that printers will become the focus of data breaches within the next few years. It is safe to say that it is now crucial for businesses to have the latest security software installed. Keeping this in mind will protect your sensitive information from breaches. If you are unsure where to start, HP Security Manager and PaperCut are among the top picks. Having proper protection will forbid ill-minded individuals from stealing your data.

Taking Your Security to the Next Level 

Printers performed straightforward tasks back then. Employees loaded them with printer ink and used them for printing documents. Yes, the multifunctional printers we know today offer numerous benefits, but hackers may also utilize them for unlawful acts. After realizing how dangerous mobile devices can be, companies built well-thought training programs to educate workers on safe mobile device usage. Practicing a similar extent of caution is essential when using printers nowadays.

When devising your organization’s security strategy, you should also give advanced security functionality to seemingly basic devices such as printers. One of the best things you can do is to work with a reliable IT service provider. Going for this option is ideal for those who want to protect their assets the easy way.