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The most complete calendar of Germany Cyber Security events and conferences


Munich Security Conference
Feb 15 – Feb 17 all-day
Munich Security Conference

Over the past five decades, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) has become the major global forum for the discussion of security policy. Each February, it brings together more than 450 senior decision-makers from around the world, including heads-of-state, ministers, leading personalities of international and non-governmental organizations, as well as high ranking representatives of industry, media, academia, and civil society, to engage in an intensive debate on current and future security challenges.

In addition to its annual flagship conference, the MSC regularly convenes high-profile events on particular topics and regions and publishes the Munich Security Report. All its activities aim at offering the best possible platforms for a frank and open exchange of ideas and opinions.

Offensive Security Conference @ Hilton Berlin
Feb 15 – Feb 16 all-day
Offensive Security Conference @ Hilton Berlin

OffensiveCon Berlin is a highly technical international security conference focused on offensive security only. The aim of OffensiveCon is to bring the community of hackers together for high quality and deep technical talks, engaging and renowned technical trainings. The talks at OffensiveCon are focused on offensive IT security topics such as vulnerability discovery, advanced exploitation techniques and reverse engineering.

We strive to bring superb and unique speakers while offering affordable ticket prices for everyone. The conference is constructed as a single track of talks for two full days as well as technical trainings held in the days before the conference. Moreover, the conference will be hosting lightning talks as well, were attendees will have a chance to present any topic related to offensive security for 15 minutes to the entire audience.

TROOPERS19 @ Print Media Academy
Mar 18 – Mar 22 all-day
TROOPERS19 @ Print Media Academy

TROOPERS19 will be the Eleventh Edition of a Great IT-Security Conference, where the world’s leading experts and hackers present their latest research. Consider TROOPERS as being an old skool Hacker Conference attended by the brightest and smartest brains and you’ve got it!

COSADE @ Darmstadtium
Apr 3 – Apr 5 all-day

Side-channel analysis (SCA) and implementation attacks have become an important field of research at universities and in the industry. In order to enhance the resistance of cryptographic and security critical implementations within the design phase, constructive attacks and analyzing techniques may serve as a quality metric to optimize the design and development process. Since 2010, COSADE provides an international platform for researchers, academics, and industry participants to present their work and their current research topics. It is an excellent opportunity to exchange on new results with international experts and to initiate new collaborations and information exchange at a professional level. The workshop will feature both invited presentations and contributed talks.

The tenth International Workshop on Constructive Side-Channel Analysis and Secure Design will be organized and held by the Technical University of Darmstadt.

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2019 @ INFINITY BallhausForum
May 14 – May 17 all-day
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2019 @ INFINITY BallhausForum

Come to the place where the Digital Transformation is happening. The European Identity & Cloud Conference, held from May 14-17, 2019, offers a mixture of best practice discussions, visionary presentations, and networking opportunities with a future-oriented community. More than 800 thought leaders, leading vendors, analysts, visionaries, executives, and end-users get together in Munich to be inspired by a list of world-class speakers.

With five parallel tracks, more than 200 international speakers and experts, many Best Practice presentations and 120 hours of relevant content, EIC 2019 provides you with a comprehensive overview of future trends in Internet security as well as practical information about current projects.

Every year the agenda focuses on the latest and most relevant Information Security and Digital Identity topics to offer you the foundation to design the right digital identity and security strategies for your business. Hear about emerging trends in order to be prepared to meet and exceed present and future business, identity and security challenges.

SEKOP Cyber Security Congress @ Hotel Bachmair Weissach
May 16 – May 19 all-day

Um gemeinsam Ideen zu entwickeln, voneinander zu lernen und neue Lösungsansätze für mehr IT-Sicherheit zu erarbeiten, bietet die SEKOP im bewährten FINAKI-Format eine in Deutschland einzigartige Plattform. CIOs, CISOs, CSOs, ISOs, IT-Sicherheitsverantwortliche, etc. namhafter Anwenderunternehmen aller Branchen treffen das Management führender Anbieter von IT-Sicherheitslösungen zum fachlich strategischen Diskurs. Ein Programmkomitee aus Vertretern der Anwenderunternehmen definiert das Programm sowie das Leitthema der Konferenz.

In Workshops werden aktuelle Themen und Problemstellungen diskutiert, Lösungsansätze erarbeitet und Best Practices abgeleitet. Die begleitende Fachmesse, Anwender-Business Cases und das Rahmenprogramm gewährleisten darüber hinaus genügend Raum für einen vertrauensvollen Austausch auf Augenhöhe sowie die Pflege des Netzwerks in angenehmer Atmosphäre.

Die Ergebnisse aller Workshops werden auf der InfoFair präsentiert und den Teilnehmern in einer Ergebnisdokumentation zur Verfügung gestellt, so dass sie jederzeit abgerufen und individuell weiterentwickelt werden können.

Eurocrypt 2019 @ Darmstadtium Congress Center
May 19 – May 23 all-day
Eurocrypt 2019 @ Darmstadtium Congress Center

Eurocrypt 2019 is the 38th Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques. Eurocrypt is one of the three flagship conferences of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR).

Eurocrypt 2019 will take place in Darmstadt, Germany on May 19-23 2019. It is organized by the Cryptoplexity group of TU Darmstadt.