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Security, Identity, and Privacy Miniconf
Jan 22 all-day

Never has security been more in the news. Companies around the world know that they are going to have to prioritise identity and privacy within systems designs and processes, to ensure customers and clients are protected more than ever.

While laws like the GDPR give us guidelines and recommendations on best practices for data collection and storage, you need look no further than the Security, Identity, and Privacy Miniconf to level up your skills with talks and practical advice from professionals and thought leaders.

Holyrood Connect’s Cyber Security 2019 @ Dynamic Earth
Feb 27 all-day
Holyrood Connect's Cyber Security 2019 @ Dynamic Earth

‘There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.’

– Robert Mueller, former FBI Director

From accusations of state-backed hacking to the unprecedented global disruption caused by the WannaCry ransomware attack which affected NHS Scotland, cyber-threats are accelerating in frequency and complexity.

It is no longer possible for cyber-security policies to be purely reactive and it is essential all organisations’ have the capacity to protect themselves from security breaches and the potentially catastrophic consequences.

Holyrood’s annual Cyber Security conference will examine the latest developments and emerging threats as well as showcasing best practice.

Join key stakeholders, experts and peers as we examine the next steps to strengthen defences, improve preparedness and cyber resilience.