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May 7 – May 8 all-day

Welcome to x33fcon, a new gathering for IT security professionals and enthusiasts. It’s a new event where blue and red teams meet to exchange views and ideas, share experiences, and discuss the latest security challenges in the industry. More information about the conference can be found here.

Africa Cyber Defense Summit 2018
Jul 9 – Jul 10 all-day
Africa Cyber Defense Summit 2018

The African market has been evolving at a gradual pace and has seen huge economic transformations in the recent years. Kenya has been one of the key drivers in the African economy to bring out drastic initiatives. Information and communications technology and the cyber space platforms have become he core pillars and key enablers of Kenya’s Vision 2030 considering its emphasis on transforming Kenya into an industrialized and secure country by laying its foundation on science, technology, and innovation. However, cyber security breaches and attacks are incumbent commonplace threats to organizations and individuals across the globe and are becoming impediments to Kenya’s transformation. It is of paramount importance to urgently and consistently drive national and regional cyber security dialog, and enhance our efforts to secure critical infrastructures and sensitive data. The success of cyber security heavily depends on multiple tangible and intangible factors such as the development of standards, policies and legal frameworks; assessments of risks, governance and compliance; law enforcement and legal interception; sharing and disseminating critical information and alerts; and most importantly create further education and regular awareness amongst the key stakeholders. In order to address the issues of cyber security, and to provide strategic thrusts to protect the critical infrastructure and sensitive information, Naseba, in partnership with the African Cyberspace Network, will organize the Pan-African Cyber Defense Summit (ACDS) in Nairobi, Kenya.

Disobey Conference @ The Cable Factory
Jan 11 – Jan 12 all-day
Disobey Conference @ The Cable Factory

Disobey wish to encourage hacker culture and bring together like-minded individuals at a gathering to share information and to train the skills our adversaries use against us. The goal is to foster a vibrant community of creators, makers and breakers.

They value encouragement, creativity and sharing and believe everyone can teach us something about the world.

Cybersec Expo @ Global Expo
Jan 17 – Jan 18 all-day
Cybersec Expo @ Global Expo

Cybersecurity ceased to be a distant technical problem, important only for IT departments, and it became an integral part of companies’ strategies and their continuity – “to be or not to be”. We realized that cyber security would be one of the key challenges for the next decades. The total losses of the public and private sector in the world resulting from cybercrime are estimated at 1% of global GDP. Analysts predict that by 2021, these losses will amount to more than USD 6 trillion annually. Tasks are not facilitated by the low supply of cyber security specialists on the labor market.

All this creates a huge demand for comprehensive cybersecurity products and services. There was a need to create a platform for companies and startups, offering products and services of the cyber sector, as well as for small and large companies from various industries, which more than ever need effective protection against a constantly evolving threat. We have created CYBERSEC EXPO for all of them!

CYBERSEC EXPO 2019 is an international two-day trade fair of cybersecurity products and services that gather suppliers, users and cyber-security enthusiasts from around the world.

Security, Identity, and Privacy Miniconf
Jan 22 all-day

Never has security been more in the news. Companies around the world know that they are going to have to prioritise identity and privacy within systems designs and processes, to ensure customers and clients are protected more than ever.

While laws like the GDPR give us guidelines and recommendations on best practices for data collection and storage, you need look no further than the Security, Identity, and Privacy Miniconf to level up your skills with talks and practical advice from professionals and thought leaders.

CONFidence 2019
Jun 3 – Jun 4 all-day

One of the oldest, the biggest and most recognized IT security conferences in Poland. And definitely the hottest one with one-of-a-kind atmosphere! CONFidence is a camp-like event packed with top-level tech security talks, and lots of attractions.

Join us to meet security experts, researchers, developers, IT specialists, students, and people interested in new technologies. This year once again we’re expecting over 1100 attendees!

Web, malware, IoT, pentests, cloud security, mobile, reverse engineering, forensics… Our experts are going to cover most recent and most significant topics.

What else? Community Corner with additional Community Track, Treasure Hunt, CTF, After Party, CONFidence Class, and lots of other activities that create the unique vibe of CONFidence