Technological advancements stimulate creativity, adaptability and market expansion, and there is no disputing the global digital revolution we are currently experiencing. Let’s take a look at six recent technical developments and inventions you should be aware of.

1. Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Over the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has garnered considerable attention. It remains one of the most crucial emergent technology innovations and profoundly affects how humanity lives, works and plays. AI is truly a technology that’s still in its infancy.

AI is now widely recognized for its use in picture and voice recognition, ride-sharing apps, personal assistants on mobile devices, navigation apps and various other applications.

Machine learning, a trendy subcategory of artificial intelligence, is being applied in many sectors, increasing the demand for skilled personnel.

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Keeping your business safe from cybersecurity threats should be a priority. As the cases increase in recent years, you don’t want your business to experience data loss. With this in mind, it’s crucial to take the necessary steps to know the IT vulnerabilities that can put your network at risk and find ways to boost your security.  

A vulnerability is generally a weakness or flaw in the system or network. In most cases, cybercriminals might find ways to exploit these to damage or infiltrate the system. Always remember that vulnerabilities are present in the system or network. Additionally, they’re not the result of an intentional effort, but cybercriminals might make the most out of these flaws during their attacks.  

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In the age of the internet, more organizations are slowly transferring their data to the cloud. It was not long ago when an employee had to carry a flash drive around in case they’d have to present a report. Although some employees still use a flash drive, it was more a backup solution than a necessity.

Smart offices have become clutter-free since management can approve requests and reports with a push of a button. However, seamless collaboration between colleagues can be a challenge due to slow adoption and a lack of technical know-how.

Communication can also be a factor in making collaboration challenging to organizations. Messages are ‘left on read’ because some employees don’t know how to reply. They may also be overwhelmed by the number of messages they receive every day. You won’t know if they’ve acknowledged it unless they respond or react to the message you sent.

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The very first radio frequency identification (RFID) device was created in 1946 by the Russian physicist Leon Theremin. So RFID systems aren’t a new technology by any means.

However, if you’re well informed of the news, you probably already know that RFID systems have been the rage for quite some time now in many industries. This prominence might be because the necessary equipment to set up an RFID system is more affordable these days than ever before.

Hence, pretty much everyone can develop their own systems, given that they have the necessary expertise. In fact, you can build a fairly decent system with a budget of only USD$1,000. But while it’s indeed more affordable, the fact that security is still necessary for RFID systems remains. On that note, here are five tips to help you secure your RFID system:

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Today, news of cyberattacks is common. The majority of cyberattacks capitalize on vulnerabilities of application security. According to Forbes, cybercrime is rising because most people think of it as someone else’s problem. To address cyber security concerns, businesses and developers have come up with ways of testing application security.

With the growing number of tools aimed at testing application security, developers can find it challenging to choose the right tool. Testing for cyber security begins by evaluating an application through the eyes of a cybercriminal. This guide provides various application testing tips that are necessary when testing for cyber security.

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In the modern, highly digital world of today’s business, cyber security is an important aspect. Because of how interconnected our society has become, a breach in one area can have a domino effect on multiple other systems and functions across an organization. Having the right protections in place to ensure that your small business does not fall victim to a cyber-attack is essential. One step to take toward this goal is through a small business proposal template cybersecurity proposal.

One of the first things that you must do is gain a thorough understanding of your needs as a business owner. Not only must you understand how a cyber breach would affect your business, but also the cost that it will take to properly protect your organization. Knowing about things like security budgets and what other aspects need attention can be very important in writing an effective proposal.

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Bots are slowly becoming a massive obstacle to businesses with each day passing. Not only are they a considerable security threat, but bots can also increase customer dissatisfaction.

And with this realization came the sudden boom of the bot protection and mitigation market, resulting in numerous changes. One particular example is how the number of service providers has increased over the past few years. While it certainly helps in providing more options for consumers, it has also made it difficult to choose a bot protection service provider for one’s business.

If you’re struggling in that regard, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are five tips and considerations that can help you decide on your business’s bot protection service provider.


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The OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top 10 is a standard security guideline followed by developers and security professionals across the industry. The OWASP is a non-profit organization started in 2004 to help secure applications against popular vulnerabilities.

As software development practices have evolved over the years, so have the nature of attacks. To stay relevant as per current day complex security vulnerabilities, OWASP keeps updating its vulnerabilities list based on the current trends (OWASP is currently in its 2017 edition).

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Having understood what OWASP Top 10 standard is, let’s look at each one of them with a real-world example to help our understanding.

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Businesses are the common targets of hackers. Thus, if you have a business, you need to prioritize its safety at all times. This is especially true today when everything is readily accessible through the internet. 

If you store your business data digitally, it might be at risk of attacks from hackers. Malicious parties might infiltrate your system in various ways, including phishing. Of course, this growing trend is caused by the fact that most businesses depend on the internet to monitor finances, maintain inventory, conduct marketing, and connect with clients, despite the increasing risks.  

If your goal is to keep your business safe from future phishing and hacking attempts, here are several ways to protect your devices from hackers. 

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The move to a digital landscape has undoubtedly been beneficial to companies by helping them better interact with their clients. It has also helped generate greater sales thanks to easier access to a greater pool of potential clients. But despite its benefits, an evident issue that’s apparent with increased internet use is the heightened risk of cyberattacks. Despite this, many businesses and mostly their respective Information Technology (IT) departments are often leaving them stretched due to the widening digital footprint. 

Fortunately, there’s a practical solution to this issue, and this is outsourcing cybersecurity to a managed IT service provider. Without further ado, here are the benefits of making this move on your business. 

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