Best Tips to Optimize your iPhone

Among the wide range of products Apple has, the iPhone stands out. That’s for many reasons including the speed, overall features, stylish looks, and the proud ownership symbol it has created for itself. For every use, ranging from photography to messaging and gaming to enjoying videos, it functions optimally leaving the users in awe of it. But in the end, it’s a device that is prone to normal wear and tear or even untimely technical faults. There is nothing to worry about it though because these seven simple tricks here aim to help you in optimizing your iPhone.

  1. Optimize your iPhone photos and videos

High-resolution photos and videos make the content look amazing but the downside is that they take up a significant amount of storage space. To free up space without reducing the quality, use iCloud Photos. You could also activate HEIF and HEVC formats in your iPhone camera settings as they preserve image quality while using less space.

Keeping your photos and videos in order is a good idea but it’s also important to know cool tips and tricks to click the best pictures. In a world, heavily dominated by creative content and social media apps, coming up with outstanding photos is important. It keeps your audience captivated and that inspires you to do even better the next time. Even if you are not a professional photographer or content creator, the ideas on will help you to click superb personal photos. High-quality photos and videos are synonymous with the iPhone so additional knowledge on this subject will help you immensely.

  1. Stop apps from cluttering up your home screen

Using multiple apps every day is common and we end up treating every app as worth keeping on the home screen. This creates clutter on the home screen. To overcome this, use folders to group similar apps together. Long-press on an app icon and drag it onto another app to create a folder. You can also make use of App Library, which automatically categorizes all your apps to provide easy access.

  1. Enable reduce motion

Reduce Motion minimizes animations and motion effects on your iPhone. To enable Reduce Motion, go to Settings > Accessibility > Motion and change to ‘Reduce Motion.’

  1. Update to the latest iOS version

Apple releases new iOS versions every year. This includes some important features including performance improvements and bug fixes which are key to protect your documents and data. To update, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Check for updates and install the latest iOS version.

  1. Organize your iPhone data

You should regularly review your storage usage. This helps you in knowing about the apps and data that take up the most space. Offload unused apps or delete them entirely. To have more space at all times, you could also store data on the cloud from any good provider.

  1. Charge faster in airplane mode

Enabling Airplane Mode during charging improves charging speed. This is because Airplane Mode disables many functions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cell data. These simple processes consume power and slow down the phone charging.

  1. Reset to factory settings

Despite trying all measures and still facing issues you need to reset your iPhone to a factory reset. This will wipe out all your data and settings, so be totally sure to back up your iPhone before proceeding.


Your iPhone is nothing less than a magical device if you know how to extract optimal performance from it. It comes power-packed and has a range of features that keep you hooked to it most of the time. To make it better, if you can try these above ideas and boost their performance, it will surely deliver a level of performance that you will be amazed by. Owning an iPhone is a cool thing for sure and it gets even better when it runs optimally even when it’s a bit old or you use it extensively and create a lot of data. Try these hacks and you will love them for their unmatched performance.