Best Cyber Security Twitter Profiles to Follow 2018

Best Cyber Security Twitter Profiles to Follow 2018

Twitter has always been a great place to stay in touch with the latest cybersecurity trends. It is a great way to join professionals and even experts that normally you wouldn’t be able to reach out. You can follow them, read their posts and comments daily and why not even tagging them in your tweets to attract their attention just in a few seconds. Twitter is an open source platform that stimulates people to share knowledge from new technologies or threats to silly pictures and memes about the latest events in the news.

However, there are thousands of profiles that you can follow, but sometimes you just don’t seem to find exactly what you are looking for. The question of which security experts to follow on Twitter is tricky since there are so many professionals out there who keep sharing valuable information and news on a daily basis. What really matters is to decide what is relevant to you and how you are going to use it as your advantage.  Once you have decided who to follow you can create your own lists per category containing the best Cyber Security Twitter profiles. This option allows you to see all of the tweets in a simple way and you will make sure that you don’t miss a single tweet from your feed.

We have created a list with some of the best Twitter CyberSecurity accounts so you don’t waste your time in searching – you can follow them right away.

List of Best Twitter Cybersecurity Accounts You Should Follow 2018

Cybersecurity magazines and websites

  1. Infosecurity MagInfosecurity Mag Logo

A great cybersecurity magazine that provides critical information to businesses. If you have your own business and want to keep it secure, you should definitely follow Infosecurity Mag.

  1. Security Affairs/Pierluigi PaganiniSecurity Affairs/Pierluigi Paganini

Pierluigi is the founder of this blog which is connected to social networks security, cyber warfare and hacktivists.

  1. The Hacker NewsThe Hacker News

One of the most trusted source of cyber security news. It is oriented to hackers, researchers, technologists and geeks. The magazine covers anything related to security on a daily basis.


This magazine brings together the best hacking, Infosec, tech and social media news. A great plate to learn more about cybercrime, surveillance and privacy.

  1. CSO OnlineCSOonline

Another great cyber security platform that is a must-follow. They research various topics related to online threats which emerge on a daily basis. CSO Online tweet mostly their own content, which is just excellent and written professionally.

  1. Security Week Security Week

It is a very famous news website within the cyber security industry. Security Week distinguishes itself as the editors use more technical approach. The Twitter account of the website is updated frequently and they always know the latest info on cyber threats.

  1. Dark ReadingDark Reading

It’s an online security website made by cyber security experts and aimed at a similar audience.

  1. HelpNet SecurityHelp Net Security

This website has a huge contributor base coming from different industries. They give the reader a more comprehensive view on how to deal with cyber threats and issues.


The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team is helping with the fight against cybercrime and threats.

  1. PeerlystPeerlyst

Peerlyst is a large community of security professionals that want to solve challenges related to information security together. They want to build the largest database of free security knowledge.

Cybersecurity Influencers to follow:

  1. Eugene KasperskyEugene Kaspersky

Mr. Kaspersky doesn’t need an introduction. He is one of the leaders in the industry and writes his own opinions and views on cyber security.

  1. Troy HuntTroy Hunt

Troy is an executive of Microsoft and deals with product security. He has created where users can check if their e-mails have been compromised in a data breach.

  1. Brian KrebsBrian Krebs

He is a top security reporters always on the go when the latest security breach occurs.

  1. Jeremiah GrossmanJeremiah Grossman

An industry expert that offers security advices to individuals and companies worldwide.

  1. Bruce SchneierBruce Schneier

He has published many books and articles related to the cyber security and has been labeled as a security guru.

  1. Miko HypponenMiko Hypponen

One of the top researchers in the online security industry. You can find the newest types of scams and practical advice on his Twitter profile.