Best Cyber Security News Blogs 2018

Best Cyber Security News Blogs 2018

Cyber Security and data privacy have always been a hot topic when we talk about IT. There are many places where people can find interesting news, analysis, comments and get informed about the latest threats and how to deal with them efficiently. From developers to security researchers, software companies to security websites and magazines everyone has an opinion on the subject. It is never easy to distinguish between them and when you search for ‘online security blog/news’ you will get thousands of different results.

The following article will try to give you a starting point for which are the top security blogs to get the latest trends and insights. We hope that the following list will be able to spark your interest and broaden your knowledge on this topic.  These bloggers are ready to discover major security tricks, tutorials and solutions to problems that people experience on a daily basis.

Our list with the best cyber security news blogs of 2018:

Schneier on SecuritySchneier on Security @schneierblog

Bruce Schneier has been named by The Economist as a “security guru” and he is definitely one of the pioneers in the industry. His personal blog consists of interesting information related to cryptography, protocol analysis and algorithms. With more than 13 books on the subject he definitely has one of the best InfoSec blogs out there.

Adam Shostack and FriendsAdam Shostack and Friends @adamshostack

His blog is online since 2005 and covers topics such as security and data privacy. He is also the author of the book Threat Modeling: Designing for Security and The New School of Information Security.

Elie BurszteinElie Bursztein @elie

Mr. Burzstein is in charge of Google’s anti abuse research efforts and shares his comments on the latest InfoSec topics in his personal blog. Some of his best achievements are the redesign of the Google CAPTCHA, faster cryptography algorithms for Chrome and reporting many security flaws to Apple, Microsoft and Facebook.

Krebs on SecurityKrebs on Security @briankrebs

Brian Krebs is a big name when we talk about cyber security and his blog is one of the most respect out there. He is an investigate reporter and always ready to expose the latest security issues and hacks. He was the first reporter that discovered the data breach of Target’s database back in 2010.

Observations on InfoSecObservations on InfoSec @DanielMiessler

Daniel Miessler is a information security researcher and his blog is platform to provide information and technical knowledge. His first posts in the blog were back in 1999 and he provides interesting insights for any fans of technology cyber security.

TaoSecurityTaoSecurity @taosecurity

TaoSecurity is the blog of Richard Bejtlich – the Chief Security Strategist of FireEye. He is a respected security specialist and author who wants to educate his readers on topics such as cyber threats, security strategy and hacking.

Tony on SecurityTony on Security @perezbox

Tony Perez has been working for various tech companies, but currently he is focused mainly on website security and business. He is a great speaker when it comes to InfoSec. He shares his thoughts and experiences in this blog and wants to establish “a new security standards for your online presence”

IT Security GuruIT Security Guru @IT_SecGuru

This is a news digest that includes the latest news on information security. You can find many interesting analysis, case studies, webinars and videos. They even have a category named “scam of the week” where you can find out about the latest scams.

LiquidmatrixLiquidmatrix @liquidmatrix

Liquidmatrix is a website with a blog that is written by some of the greatest InfoSec industry professionals such as Matt Johansen and Dave Lewis from Akamai. For those who are too lazy to read there is also a podcast version.

The Last WatchdogThe Last Watchdog @byronacohido

Byron Acohido is the guy behind The Last Watchdog blog. He is known for being a Pulitzer-winning journalist and he is well respected in the cyber security industry. His blog is full of amazing videos and includes many interviews and guest posts by other experts.

Security WeeklySecurity Weekly @securityweekly

Security Weekly is a great source for videos related to cyber security. It is hosted by Paul Asadoorian and the format is a weekly broadcast. His shows can be watched on Youtube, Google Play, iTunes and you can listen them on SoundCloud.


Have another source that doesn’t appear on our best cyber security news blogs of 2018 list? Please contact us with the details.