Best 160 Cybersecurity Groups On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a valuable information source for the Cybersecurity professional. According to LinkedIn, there are 269,144 Cybersecurity professionals listed on LinkedIn today.

Many of them are active users that share information and engage in discussions, providing this platform far greater value than it’s original purpose as a job board (By the way, LinkedIn also list  19,049 cybersecurity positions).
But not all the information on LinkedIn is freely available to everyone. Many of the more interesting discussions are taking place on LinkedIn groups- most of which require validation and acceptance by the administrators.

But if you do take the time to search for the interesting groups you are guaranteed to find great people to engage with and exposure to the most interesting content.

You can search for groups by typing “Cyber + security” into LinkedIn search bar and filter by “groups”: but you will find 1,347 results (far above the number of groups LinkedIn allows you to participate in)- but even that is not the full story- there are countless other groups with names including IT security, Cybercrime, and Cloud security.

Cyber Security groups
Cyber Security groups

We have put together a list of 160 LinkedIn Cybersecurity groups to help you get started.

There’s one catch here- LinkedIn only allows you to register for 100 groups, so you will need to filter this list according to your own interests.

Good luck!

S/NGroup Name
1Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
2Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) & Cyber Security
3All Things Data Breach
4Aurora Cybercrime & Cyberconflict Research Group
5Bank Security Managers
6Banking IT Security Professionals – BISP
7Business Continuity, Information Security Assurance and Compliance Management
8Business of InfoSec
9Certified Information Systems Security Professional
10Chaos Computer Club (CCC) fans
11Cisco Networking Academy
12CISO Security Information Group (CSIG) – Information Security for Managers.
13CISO: Meaningful Metrics
14Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Group
15Cloud Computing Best Practices
16Cloud Security – Fast100
17Computer Security Institute
18Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers
19CRIF – Cyber Risk & Insurance Forum
22Cyber counterintelligence
23Cyber Crime & Terrorism – Cybercrime & Cyberterrorism Security Issues Surrounding Virtual Integrity
24Cyber Defence Forum []
25Cyber Intelligence Network
26Cyber Law & Information Security
27Cyber Privacy Risks Advisors
28Cyber Privacy Security Commercial Insurance
29cyber risk and data breach insurance
30Cyber Security
31Cyber Security & The Insider Threat
32Cyber Security Alliance
33Cyber Security Awareness
34Cyber Security Community
35Cyber Security Europe (Cyber Security News)
36Cyber Security For Small Business
37CYBER SECURITY Forum Initiative – CSFI
38Cyber Security in Real-Time Systems
39Cyber Security Insurance / Cyber Liability Risk Insurance Group
40Cyber Security Intelligence Network
41Cyber Security Marketing Professionals
42Cyber Security Middle-East and Africa (Cyber Security News)
43Cyber Security Situational Awareness
44Cyber Warfare
45CyberCrime Investigators Network
47CyberSecurity Community
48Cybersecurity Forum for Business and Government
49CyberSecurity Law, Policy, and Technology
50Cybersecurity Vendor Platform Italy
52Cyberwar & Cybercrime | Intelligence group
54DDoS Mitigation Professionals
55DDOS Protection
56Education Privacy and Data Security
57Exploit Developers
58Financial Crime Risk, Fraud and Security
59FISMA – Federal Information Security Management Act
60Fraud, Phishing and Financial Misdeeds
61Gartner Security & Risk Management XChange
62Global Corporate Fraud and Compliance Professionals
63Global ICS and SCADA Cyber Security (GISCS)
64Global OWASP Foundation
65Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
66Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (GRC)
67Government Cybersecurity
68Hacked Again
69Hackers Association of Israel
70HAKIN9 Magazine
72ICTTF – International Cyber Threat Task Force
73InfoRiskToday Forum
74Information and Cyber Security Jobs in Israel
75Information Assurance
76Information Security – Learning | Training | Improving
77Information Security – Risk Management – Compliance Jobs (
78Information Security and Privacy Law
79Information Security Community
80Information Security Governance
81Information security in Israel
82Information Security Network
83Information Security Standards
84Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Discussion Forum
85Information Systems Security Enthusiast & Professionals
86Information Technology (Homeland & National Security)
87Information Technology Audit and Governance Group (Focused around IT, Security, Audit, and GRC)
88InfoSec Management Professionals
89InfoSec Media
90Infosec Products and Tools – No Jobs
91InfoSec World
92Infosecurity Europe Professionals
93Infosecurity magazine – information security community
94Insider Threat Interest Group
95Insider Threat Management
96Intelligence Analysts
97Intelligence Based Cyber Security
98IoT Security
99IoT Security Experts
100IoT Security Forum | A Collaborative Community for IoT Industry Professionals
101ISACA – IT Governance Professionals
102ISACA (Official)
103ISACA Israel Chapter
105ISF – Information Security Forum
106ISO27000 for information security management
107Israel CyberSecurity Forum
108ISTT – Information Security Think Tank
109IT Governance, Risk & Compliance
110IT security analyst & CISO Forum
111IT Security and Compliance
113IT Security Sales People
114IT Specialist Network
115IVC Network: Israel High-Tech and Venture Capital
116Malware Analysis
117Malware Virus and Exploits
118MalwareIntelligence :: Cybercrime Intelligence and Research to protect your Business
119Mobile Device Management and Security Professionals
120Mobile Security Trends
121National Information Security Group
122NERC Cyber Security Professionals
124Privacy and Data Security
125Privacy Professionals
126Risk Management Executives & Professionals
127Risk, Regulation & Rpeporting
128Russian Cybercrime, Hacking and Information Warfare
129SaaS & Cloud Security Experts (4000+ Members)
130SC Magazine UK (Information Security)
131Security Bloggers Network
132Security Breaches
133Security Community Middle East
134Security in business & privacy
135Security Industry Group
136Security Leaders Group
137Security Management Resources (SMR Group)
138Security Podcasts
139Security Regulation
140Security Specialists
141Security through Obscurity
143SIEM Use-Cases
144SISA Information Security Community
145SMB Cyber Risks
146Software & Technology (#1 in Jobs, HR, Managers, Cloud, Mobile, Voice, CRM & Big Data)
147The Data Breach Prevention Network
148The European Information Security Network – Business Technology
149The Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES)
150The State of Security
151THIBER, the cybersecurity think tank
153Top Threats to Cloud
154UK Cyber Security Network
155Vulnerability Researchers
156Web Fraud Prevention
157Women in Cybersecurity – Information Security
158Women in Security group
160ZONE SE7EN | Information Technology Insight





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