An Internet of Things technology: current tendencies in IoT outsourcing

Entrepreneurs are interested in involving and immersing their customers in the experience with their products. The Internet of Things is a modern technology that allows you to achieve a close interaction of the consumer with your digital products, expand the experience of users and make it brighter. Outsourcing IoT development is a service on demand among medium and large companies. The team of PNN Tech engineers will gladly share their experience on the topic.

Internet of Things solution for business with PNN Tech

The quality of the product became a key factor to plenty of enterprises in post-pandemic settings: companies strive to collaborate qualitatively with a focus on business expansion, security enhancements and customer experience. PNN Tech developer creates solutions for wearable devices, and adapts them to mobile applications (Android and iOS), desktop and web applications. The company has experience in creating software to ensure the functionality of Internet of Things technology. IoT is a modern tool to engage consumers in your business and simplify team workflows. Our experts offer IoT consulting to study the business request more closely in the implementation of this incredible technology.

Which part of the Internet of Things products would be essential to outsource for your company?

Research and development

When ordering IoT development, the business gets R&D services from the IT vendor. The customer benefits from understanding whether the solution or service is a good fit for the market. Outsourcing research and development from software engineers has another advantage: eliminating biased perspectives on your product.

Hiring a dedicated development team

Often, IoT developers possess various skills — they are experienced in hardware interfacing, creating UX/UI, Artificial Intelligence or IT networking. Many of these roles are filled by individuals seeking software engineer jobs in innovative fields. So, it is pretty convenient and cost-effective to hire one expert within the outsourcing model of collaboration.

User experience and user interface

Even though IoT-based UX and UI are relatively new, it is a very promising sphere for applying the Internet of Things. However, it requires high proficiency of your vendor since while creating UX for IoT devices engineer has to be aware of how to handle multiple users’ and systems’ needs, not overloading the platform.

Cloud support

Cooperation with vendors is the most suitable option if you are searching for a cost-effective option for Internet of things cloud development. Maintenance and upgrading a cloud solution requires high expenses. In addition, the cloud is vulnerable to cyberattacks by its nature, which makes strengthening security a primary concern.

Security of data

According to Gemalto’s survey, around 33% of business owners claim that they have sufficient control over the masses of data which wireless devices collect. Data breach outcomes are becoming more severe, and hackers tend to choose more sophisticated methods to invade systems. Therefore, another direction of outsourcing services is strengthening the security of data with your vendors.

PNN Tech implements an Internet of things solution!

PNN Tech is an experienced company with over 20 years of development outsourcing experience. We have developed our own customer cooperation scheme, methodology, and software development strategy
We are a multinational company that successfully combines the knowledge, experience, and approach of our employees in the implementation of your software products.

Product discovery — at the initial stage, the PNN Tech team prioritises formulating the product’s viable. Developers build optimal tech stack for your IoT platform.

Product-driven development—the stage implies creating regular customer demos, which are being tested and re-developed in line with clients’ requirements and corrections.

Manufacturing — we are responsible to create hardware and software in line with specific certifications mandatory for your solution.

Installation — Developing an IoT solution is half the way. We assist you in registering new sensors or devices for their authentication and configuration

Support — the main emphasis here we put on the constant support of IoT technology solutions, prompt updates and preparing your employees to use a digital platform seamlessly.

We consider the specific business of our customers when implementing IoT development services, we customize your approach to create a reliable and productive solution that will bring you profit. You are welcome to contact us: