All IT Professionals Should Be CompTIA Security+ Certified

Congratulations! You’re ready to start your career as an IT professional. Interviews are lined up, and you’re excited to get started. But what happens when a recruiter inquires about your CompTIA Security+ certificate? Is yours ready to show off, or are you wondering what they’re talking about? 

You may hold a college degree in IT, and if so, you’re off to a great start. However, there’s a certificate every IT person should have—if you don’t, you may miss out on the job you really want. Thankfully, earning CompTIA Security+ certification is relatively easy, especially if you’ve got the basics down.

Getting Ready to Take the CompTIA Security+ Exam

Okay, if you’ve been through IT school, the basics are probably second nature. You understand the importance of implementing robust cybersecurity protocols in your systems. You’re aware of industry regulations and the potential penalties for being in non-compliance. 

Depending on the industry and the associated compliance standards, some penalties are harsh. While you’re probably not looking at jail time, fines can wipe out your earnings, and you may be at risk of being blacklisted from future jobs.

Yes, if your systems are compromised in a security breach, it may be the last project anyone is willing to let you work on. For the business or organization, cybersecurity breaches can have ongoing and long-lasting consequences.

The threat of this and other penalties should be enough to make you run to find a CompTIA Security+ Exam. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t have to make a long commute. You can usually find exam locations relatively close to the office or your home. 

If you’re in the military, you may be in luck. Some bases double as testing sites. Just roll out from the barracks to the on-base testing location. 

So, how to get started?

Find an Exam

Finding an exam doesn’t mean driving around aimlessly until you see an advertisement sign. Instead, head to your laptop and start searching for the CompTIA Security+ exam online. Your online search should only take a minute or so. 

You’ll quickly learn there are plenty of options. Before clicking on a random link, make sure the site is accredited. In other words, the site offering the exam is recognized by CompTIA Security+. Yes, this is an entity and the only one authorized to administer the exam.

If you don’t see CompTIA Security+, keep searching until you find the logo.

Next, break out your credit or debit card; you’re about to purchase a voucher code. This code has a single purpose: it gives you access to the exam. Don’t worry about the cost; it’s not going to break your wallet. 

If you skip any training or tutorial classes, you may be able to knock a few dollars off the final cost. On the other hand, if you would feel better taking the exam after reviewing the material, you can save some money by bundling the voucher code with a study guide.

Pick an Exam Time

Unfortunately, you can’t take the CompTIA Security+ exam whenever you have some free time. You may need to do a little schedule reorganization. Yes, rearranging your schedule is annoying and can seem impossible, but it may also be necessary. 

The CompTIA Security+ exam does run on your schedule. Depending on which voucher code supplier you use, you may be able to find a testing center pretty close to your location.

This is something you should probably consider as you search for a voucher code supplier. There’s no reason to drive across town if another supplier has a testing center close by. You may pay a little more for the code, but it’s often worth the time you save driving around. 

Once you know where to take the exam, schedule an appointment. This is actually the easiest part of the testing process.

Set Aside Some Testing Time

Don’t panic! The CompTIA Security+ exam isn’t going to take all day. If you start in the morning, the exam will be over before your stomach starts rumbling for lunch. You get a total of 90 minutes to finish the exam. 

Since there are 90 questions, expect to spend around a minute on each one. You may finish a little early, but don’t rush. There’s no reason to go through the exam process again just because you hurried through the first test.

Ensuring You’re Prepared for The Future

Staying focused on exam day for the CompTIA Security+ certification is indeed crucial, and getting ample rest the night before is an important part of that preparation. Being well-rested can significantly enhance your concentration and recall abilities, which are key for successfully navigating this comprehensive exam. 

Once you pass the CompTIA Security+ exam, you’ll be well-positioned to embark on an exciting and rewarding career in IT.