5 Tips For Choosing Bot Protection Services For Your Business

Bots are slowly becoming a massive obstacle to businesses with each day passing. Not only are they a considerable security threat, but bots can also increase customer dissatisfaction.

And with this realization came the sudden boom of the bot protection and mitigation market, resulting in numerous changes. One particular example is how the number of service providers has increased over the past few years. While it certainly helps in providing more options for consumers, it has also made it difficult to choose a bot protection service provider for one’s business.

If you’re struggling in that regard, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are five tips and considerations that can help you decide on your business’s bot protection service provider.


  1. Find A Solution That Integrates Well With Your Current Infrastructure

How many data centers does your business have? Are they in the cloud or on-premises?

Your answers to these questions should serve as a guide on how you choose bot protection services that’d integrate well with the current security infrastructure of your company. By selecting a highly compatible solution, the deployment can go a lot smoother, and there are fewer risks of conflicts from your existing software.

Speaking of which, if you’re situated around Colorado and have yet to establish a security system for your company, you might want to look into companies such as Cornerstone Partners, an MSSP and others to search for reliable providers.


  1. Make Sure The System Is Easy To Implement

Bot protection services aren’t meant to take a lot of time to implement. A bot protection solution should only take up to one hour to deploy, and it should start working within a day.

If that isn’t the case, it’s safe to assume that what you’re eyeing isn’t the best you can find on the market. Furthermore, the system shouldn’t require major changes to your IT infrastructure. The ideal solution should be able to work with only minor changes to your business system. It’ll also help if the provider has extensive documentation to ease the implementation further.


  1. Avoid Solutions That Can Cause User Friction

User friction results when you take steps to improve an aspect of your system, yet it ends up compromising user experience. For example, CAPTCHAs are designed to distinguish bots from genuine users. Therefore, it can be a powerful tool to mitigate bot attacks.

But at the same time, CAPTCHAs tend to frustrate many users as it takes a considerable amount of time to complete. So, on the one hand, it can help with bot mitigation, but on the other, it may negatively impact user experience.

When choosing bot protection services, it’d be best to avoid solutions that can diminish user experience, even if it means you can eliminate the risks of bot attacks.


  1. Evaluate The Level Of Autonomy Of The Solution

Managing the bot protection service isn’t exactly an excellent use of your time. Usually, necessary configurations to the system are handled automatically by the solution.

Hence, if you’re required to monitor the system in order to handle and mitigate bot attacks, you might want to look for other solutions. You need to find a service provider that requires as little support, configuration, and maintenance from their client as possible. In this way, you can focus on your other responsibilities. But of course, it’d also help if they offer comprehensive, real-time analytics despite its high level of autonomy.


  1. Look For Solutions That Shows Relevant Statistics

Not many bot protection systems can provide detailed, real-time statistics of bot traffic on your platform. So, if you find one, you might as well put that particular solution among your top options.

After all, statistics can come in quite handy in many scenarios. For one, it provides you with insights that you can use to improve the system further. Additionally, statistics can serve as concrete evidence against the service provider in an event where their system makes a mistake that’d eventually cost you a lot of money or traffic.


Final Words

When selecting a bot protection service provider for your business, it’s important to realize that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. What works for others may not work for you, and vice versa. Hence, never compare your situation.

Instead of focusing on the most popular solutions on the market, it’d be best if you look for a provider that has the features you’re specifically looking for. With these tips, you should be able to find the solution that’d give you the most value out of your money.